8 Things to Look For When Shopping Supplements


What do you look for in nutritional products? A certain amount or type of protein? A product that promises results? Organic ingredients? Something you can “feel”? Sadly, what is important to me NOW  was no not even on my radar just 2 years ago.

I admit I used to have a very narrow-minded view of supplements. I looked for specific things that were “important” to me, not necessarily important. As a result, I was pouring products into my body that were not healthy for me at all. I was irresponsible – ignorant, really. Out of sight, out of mind. I looked for ingredients I recognized and ignored the rest. NO MORE!!

My criteria has completely changed and I thought I’d share with you what I now look for when choosing products for my health and fitness goals.

NUTRITION1. Complete nourishment

When you are dieting, you are cutting calories and cutting nutrients so you are underfed and malnourished. Even if you are just watching what you eat to be healthy, it’s hard to get all the nutrients you need in our food today.

This is why it is so important to look for nutrient rich ingredients that are loaded with vitamins and minerals so your body is completely satisfied nutritionally. This is not only good for you, it prevents your body from searching for missing nutrients, which translates to cravings. I find I’m more satisfied, fuller longer and feel so much better all the way around when I am getting a good daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Taste used to be #1, then protein grams and calories, never looking at what I was really putting in my body.

When reading the label, compare the list of vitamins to other products. Which product has the most vitamins and minerals? Which products seems the most complete? The more good stuff you get, the better investment you are making!

2. Zero chemicals

no chemicalsChemicals are in EVERYTHING! They are in our snacks, seasonings, condiments, prepackaged foods and most every day kitchen staple. Even organic stuff can have MSG or other unnecessary additives so you really need to watch labels. I almost expect to see junk in 90% of the stuff on grocery shelves, but that stuff shouldn’t be in “health food”. Unfortunately, 95% of stuff even in “nutrition shops” are also loaded with the same bad junk, from soy protein, fillers, sweeteners, artificial flavors and chemicals.

If I am going to spend my hard-earned money on good nutrition and supplements, I do not want to spend it on products that are laced with arsenic, so why would I want it laced with other stuff that could be harmful to my body – or not be useful and good for me at best?

YUM3. Yum Factor

Yes, that is important. If it doesn’t taste great, you won’t stick with it. I refuse to eat anything that is gross. Period. I don’t care what the package promises. YOM YOM!

puzzle4. Products that work together.

I no longer use different brands. I used to be the QUEEN of mix-match nutrition. However, over this last year, I realized that piecing your supplements together (whether to save money or get what tastes good) creates holes and overlaps in your nutrition.

When you get products that are designed to work together, you can be confident that you are not wasting your money on ingredients you don’t need or have too much of.

Grass fed undenatured whey5. Quality protein

My top choice for protein is the healthiest protein on the market, called undenatured whey. It’s a high quality protein from grass fed antibiotic-free happy, healthy cows that does not go through the denaturing process (which strips it of awesome health benefits). It is highly absorbable and bioavailable (meaning our body can use it easily). I look for protein that has ZERO fillers so that every gram of protein is used to heal, repair and build my body’s strength for optimal health. (Learn more about undenatured whey)

Holistic Nutrition6. Holistic ingredients and remedies.

While I have never been a tree hugging holistic health nut that never eats pizza, I do love it when I can find holistic remedies for common issues like restless sleep, inflammation, pain, immune weakness, stress, mental fog, etc. I never used those products simply because I had no idea how powerful natural nutritional supplements (like adaptogens) and remedies really were. Once I gave them a try, there really was not a lot of need for Advil and Monster energy drinks.

Also, many medicines only get rid of symptoms, when the ideal solution is to find ways to actually get rid of the problem itself, not just the symptoms.

easy-button7. Easy, practical, maintainable

I used to alway look for the fast fix. Now I look for solutions that are practical, and something I can do for life (not just for a season). Fad diets and fast fixes are rarely healthy or something you can maintain longterm. I’m looking for healthy LIVING nutritional support; things I can do everyday that are manageable both financially and realistically in my life. I want to LIVE, not STARVE. I don’t want to be a slave to popping pills or extreme workouts.

anti aging8. Healthy aging support.

I wish I realized I was already starting the aging process before it showed up in my crows feet and back pain. Sadly, I didn’t realize it until I started experiencing the painful effects of aging – wrinkles, pain, skin issues, stiffness, etc.

So many companies focus on outward aesthetics and immediate “affects”, and spend most of their money on marketing to get fast customers and fast money. Many of them even bank on you not even using their stuff. for long. Besides, they will just market a “new and improved” version to keep you spending money with them. I love it when a company invests research and resources on making quality products that are scientifically proven to go the distance. I love when I can find added ingredients to support overall longterm health, not just good looking ads or products that just taste good.

Companies that put a lot of effort into adding ingredients in products to support longevity will stay in business because they will have lasting happy healthy customers. For example, the vitamins I take has years of research behind them, offering a lot of extra support like Coenzyme Q-10, sex-specific support and telomere support, which is something I have yet to see in any other mainstream company.

I mean, if I’m going to take a vitamin pak, pack that sucker with everything you’ve got to help me aging gracefully! 🙂

More on Telomeres: This is a simple video on what telomeres are and why you would want to try to keep your telomeres long and healthy. Pretty cool sciency stuff!!  🙂

CONTACT ME if you have questions or would like help finding a specific product or nutritional supplement.


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