5 Ways to Make Fitness Fads Work for You

fitness accessoriesFads come and go, but what is here to stay is the fact we will always have a new trend arriving on the scene. Why? Because we always need something new in our life. We get tired of the same styles, same workouts, same foods, same TV shows, etc; and the same goes for fitness.

Are some fads better than other fads? Sure, maybe. But, sometimes it is not as much about something being better as something just being different. Different in of itself can be better.

Sure, products can always improve. But, in the fitness world, something new (even if it isn’t a technological break through) can be just what we need to get us started or take us to the next step simply because it’s new.

fitness trackersWhy Fit Fads Really Fail

The latest DVD, tennis shoe, workout program, fitness equipment or accessory will rarely be the end-all be-all. Even if we know this, we often act like these products have magical powers that should motivate us into greatness just by owning them alone. We simply have unrealistic expectations, resulting in failure.

Can they help? Yes.
Can they get you excited for a bit? Yes.
Can they be effective? Yes (if you use them).
But, will you be using it 5 years from now. Probably not, but that’s OK!
They may be EXACTLY what you need right NOW!

5 Ways to Make Fitness Fads Work For You

treadmill coat hangerHere’s my take on fitness fads and how they can help you reach success. First, let’s define fad. Pretty much all fitness gear, fashion and accessories are some type of fad. They are trending today and out tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful. They can be fantastic for us!

The fact is; fitness fads don’t fail us. WE fail us. We ask the wrong questions when contemplating the purchase. If you want success, you have to change your mindset and ask the right questions. You will experience more success when you are honest with yourself and have more realistic expectations.

The fact is, most products work when used. So the question is “will you actually use it?”

5 Questions to ask yourself next time you want to click “BUY NOW!”

1. Could you see yourself using this product over the next 30 days? 

calendarYou don’t have to commit to using your new fit find every day necessarily, but you will have to commit to putting it to good use at least for a period of time. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes or leggings, or it’s a new piece of equipment, decide how often you could use it and set a time period that best matches the investment.

If it’s a small purchase, it should entertain and excite you for a smaller period of time. If it’s a larger investment, it should last you longer. But don’t be surprised if the latest deal of the day didn’t keep you amused for an entire year. Some purchases can be a huge success if they just get you pumped for a few weeks or months.

NK_Women_High_Heel_Shoes_NK_Dunk_SB_Running_Shoes_Sneakers2. Is it ideal?

Often times we settle for something when it’s not exactly what we were looking for. I do this with clothes all the time. Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean it’s a good buy. If it is the right style but it’s the wrong color, then you likely won’t wear it. If you don’t wear it often, it’s not a good purchase. However, even if something is more expensive, but you know you will really put it to good use, it’s worth every penny!

hamster treadmill3. Is it practical?

Some products are perfect, but just not perfect for you. You can buy an amazing piece of equipment or fitness tool but if it’s not practical, you won’t use it.

Do you have the right place for it in your home?
Is it convenient?
Is it comfortable to use?

Even the best product on the market may not be best for you if you can’t easily put it to good use.

excited shopper4. Does it get you excited?

This may sound silly but one thing most of us are not excited about is sweating and getting out of breath. Exercise is work, so if you can find a product that gets you pumped, then you are on to something.

What gets me excited? Fitness apparel and accessories. Gym bags, workout clothes, shoes, headphones, activity trackers, new workouts and new tunes get me excited. Since I am not super stoked to exercise, I purposefully invest in things that make fitness more fun for me.

5. Will it get you closer to your goal?

This is where most people go wrong. They want every purchase to catapult them straight to their goal. However, a good fit find is a success if it just gets you closer to your goal. It doesn’t have to take you straight there all in one shot. Each fitness product you purchase just simply needs to support your goals. If it helps you move in the right direction, then you have made a good investment.

Stop putting so much pressure on the latest workout or product you purchase. Cut it some slack and cut yourself some slack. We need new things in our life – especially along our fitness journey. Keep making these small investments here and there. Remember, progress is success – even if it’s moving closer to your goal one little step at a time.

Here is some footage from my recent visit as a guest on the Healthy You show with Brett Chukerman on HSN, where I talk about this very topic.






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