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The Imperfect Leader – 6 Tips to Making a Difference

Being an amazing leader isn’t being perfect leader. Thank goodness!! LOL! You can make an amazing difference even in all your imperfections. As I have focused more on leadership this year, it has made me realize just how many people can be leaders right where they are. I have met so many success stories lately and so many of them were regular people doing extraordinary things. Sadly, people often wait to feel more prepared or more worthy of leadership, but leadership comes in all shapes and sizes.

You don’t have to be a perfect mom to help another mom. You don’t have to have the perfect marriage to help other struggling married couples. You don’t have to have the perfect body to help others lose weight or get in shape. You can share what you DO know and what has helped you WHILE you are on your own journey to improve and grow.

If you desire to make a difference in this world, you are a leader. Most of us are leading somebody whether we want to or not. Parents lead their kids, friends lead friends, career people lead other career people. Even followers are leading somebody. SO, if you want to own that leadership and take it to the next level, hopefully this blog will encourage you!supergirl1


You don’t have to be perfect to be a good leader. Your imperfect life can be a perfect leader when you lead by example and aren’t afraid to tell people what you are learning along the way, sharing what you DO know and admitting what you DON’T.

Many times I run across people who would LOVE to help others get fit but they feel they lack the knowledge or the model physique to be a strong wellness leader. You don’t have to have a 6-pack and a degree to help people. You need to have the heart for service and a passion to share what you DO know.


leadershipIf you have lost 20lbs and you still have more to go, you can invite people to join you on your journey. When you realize you are on the right path, why wouldn’t you want people to get on the same path and walk with you? We are always stronger in numbers. Most of the time, I need the people I’m leading as much as they need me. I need the accountability and support just as much as they do. I struggle with many of the same things – a love for food and a love for couch potato lazy days! Lol


Though leaders go first, you have to expect to also fail first – and that is JUST what many people need to see. It’s encouraging to watch someone fight it out. Like a boxer in a ring, everyone cheers when the boxer gets back up after almost getting knocked out. Good leaders aren’t afraid of failure. They realize it’s part of the process.

Famous-People-Who-Succeded-Despite-Failuresali-get-back-up4. LEADERS GET BACK UP.

Life is hard and we need to be inspired by the people that don’t let life knock them down and keep them down.

Expect to take a few punches. Expect to fall to your knees. And commit to getting back up – not just for you, but for everyone watching who needs the inspiration to get back up too. Some of the best leaders failed many times. That is why they are so inspiring! We remember when they struggled. We could relate and we were encouraged to see someone get back on their feet.

dont wait5. LEADERS DON’T WAIT.

If you want to help people, don’t wait another minute. Don’t wait to learn more, lose more, achieve more. Help people on the way to where you want to go. Dream big and take as many people as you can with you!

In January, I knew nothing about natural nutrition. Adaptogens were foreign to me. Holistic superfood nutrition was for granola people (I thought LOL) and I had never heard of undenatured whey. Those are just a few things I discovered this year. However, I knew I found products I loved and that helped me get healthy again. They changed my body (inside and out) and I wanted to help others feel as good as I did.

I didn’t wait until I had a complete understanding of every ingredient. No! I shared what I DID know – which is the fact I found something I love that made a difference in my life and committed to learning more every day.


leaders learnLead, learn, lead some more, learn some more. I always learn the most when I’m leading because I study, I put in practice what I learn. I make mistakes along the way but I share those mistakes so others don’t repeat my boo-boos.

I’m perfectly imperfect and I know I can be pretty amazing even with all my imperfections – AND YOU CAN TOO!!

“We simply wanted to provide an example of diligence, hoping it would prove contagious.” – 2 Thessalonians‬ ‭3:9‬ ‭MSG‬

you don't have to be perfect

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