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Secret to New Year’s Resolutions Success: Assemble Your Fantastic Five

Find your inner super heroThe key to New Year’s Resolutions success is not going it alone. There is power in numbers; LOTS of POWER. And, I’m going to give you the formula to collect and harness that power so you can reach your fitness goals – or any goal for that matter.

The next thing I want you to do today is find your inner superhero. You have strengths. If you want to use them, you first need to know what they are. Make a list and set it aside before you read the rest of this blog.

By the end of this blog, you should have all the tools you need to put together the team you need to go to war with you, conquer your enemy and reach your New Year’s goals together.

Your New Year’s Resolutions Power Team

don't be lone rangerBefore I go further, I need you to go with me on this. While I may have some MARVELous (see what I did there?) analogies with comic superhero examples, this blog is extremely valuable for all mortals. Hopefully, my story telling flair will help drive home my points and stimulate your brain to think beyond the typical New Year’s Resolutions lines into a powerful life full of potential and results. So here it goes!!

If you have secretly set goals and not shared them with anyone in the past, no wonder you failed – or are starting over. I see it ALL the time! The Lone Ranger’s name may have suggested he was lone hero, but even the Lone Ranger still needed Tonto and his horse.

Listen, you need your very own posse. You need accountability partners. This is why I suggest getting your very own Fantastic Five. Yes, FIVE, not four. You need four super heroes and one leader, a total of five fantastic people working together to Avenge evil, fight fat and destroy your fitness enemy once and for all.

power teamNot only does every teammate have a specific purpose, which I will give you shortly, the more people you have on your team the more chances you have to succeed. No one walks into a battle alone. No! They bring an army. And, make no bones about it, the weight loss battle is real and you will get wounded in the fight even if you ultimately win.

While I will give you a list of my top five Marvel characters you will need on your team, there are many more super heroes out there. So, the more the merrier, but this will get you started.

New Year's Resolutions Success TeamYour New Year’s Avengers

Even Marvel knew when to recruit more people and pull different heroes from different comics together to fight various enemies. The Fantastic Four constantly changed over they years and the collection of heroes continues to expand.

The same goes for you. While you may choose one team this New Year, you may have a different team next year, and that’s okay. You just can’t do this alone.

On the days you are down, one of those five people will be up. On a week you gain weight, one of your Fantastic Five will have lost weight. When you want to skip the gym, at least one of you will guilt you into showing up or inspire you to get off your butt. When you don’t have an answer, someone else will. You need your team of New Year’s Avengers.

How to Choose Your New Year’s Fantastic Five 

fantastic four fitnessYou must choose your Fantastic Five carefully if you want to keep your New Year’s Resolutions. They don’t have to be besties. They don’t even have to live in the same state. You can even recruit people from friends online you have never even met. Getting your five during this time of year is easy. EVERYONE needs results and everyone wants help. They key to a successful team, you can really MARVEL about (See what I did there…again? I’m on FIRE!), is choosing five COMPLETELY different superheroes.

Remember, there were no twinning heroes in Marvel’s Fantastic Four. So, here are my top choices from all the Marvel super heroes and characters to have in your goal-crushing crew.

Let’s get started. Pull out your inner superhero notes and think about which one of these five characters fits you best. As you are reading the list, take note of who else pops up in your head as you go down the list of heroes.

1. Mr. Fantastic (Mister Elastic)

mr fantasticFamous Quote: “I want to be the first person to teleport.”

Mr. Fantastic not only a dreamer (AKA: New Year’s Resolutions goal-setter), he was elastic. He could stretch his arms out as far as he wanted and reform his body to get in and out of nearly any situation.

Your Mr. Fantastic has to have a good reach. They are social, not shy and they will call you out in a heartbeat. They’ll reach out to you when you go MIA and they will even pick your butt up if that’s what it takes. Though it’s great to find someone locally, they might just be a facebook friend with the special ability to inspire you from afar.

2. Human Torch

Famous Quote: “The failures of my generation are the opportunities of yours.”

human torch Franklin Storm saw mistakes as an opportunity to learn. This superhero is not only a positive thinker, the Human Torch is on FIRE! They light up a room with their energy and are hot on the trail to success. Every group needs a energetic go-getter like the Human Torch.

Your Torch may already be into fitness and workout regularly, but even the Human Torch needs support and encouragement. If you know someone that fits this description, don’t let their fire scare you. You won’t get burned. Just because they seem to be in control, you have no idea what they are fighting – and they may need you by their side.

While the Human Torch may be more likely to be active, the key characteristic is not physical energy. It’s emotional energy. They need to be positive and a light. They will be the cheerleader of the group.

3. The Invisible Woman (Sue Storm)

quiet woman tipsFamous Quote: “There’s patterns in everything.”

The Invisible Woman analyses her surroundings. She is the person you pass by and don’t even realize they are there. She is quiet but intelligent, and obscure but powerful. This person might even be you!

You never should underestimate the Invisible Woman. Although she may be quite, she may have the potential to bring the most to the table in a small intimate setting. She tends to open up more (and drop her shield) in small safe groups, exposing hidden talents and unique strengths that will complete your team.

The Invisible Woman may not be very “visible” on social media, but she has serious recon skills. She likely stalks people’s pages, collects valuable information, seems to know everything about everything and can discover some incredible information for the team’s success.

thing4. Thing (the “tough guy”)

Famous Quote: “Grow up, flame brain!” (Directed to the Torch)

Everyone knows the Thing is hard as nails and super strong, but that is not why I love the Thing. Your Thing doesn’t necessary need to be strong in muscular strength, but strong in character.

This guy or gal is a tough-skinned, honest, tell-it-like-it is kind of person who cares more about you than what you think about them. They’ll lame ya to save ya. You know what they say, “the truth hurts” but they also say “the truth will set you free”. Your Thing will hit you with truths you need to hear with a real genuine tough-love approach. They are solid, dependable, loyal and loving. I mean look at that face! You gotta love him!

your fitness super agent5. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent in Charge
(Phil Coulson)

Famous Quote: “We only get one shot at this, so let’s go over the plan one more time to make sure we’re clear on exactly what we’re doing, okay?”

When it comes to setting New Year’s Resolutions, you gotta have a leader. That is why I chose the S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Agent, Phil Coulson as my final member of my New Year’s Avengers.He’s brave, he’s experienced, he knows what he’s up against and he’s willing to invest in others to help them become all they can be. He’s the ultimate leader for success.

You need a Phil Coulson, someone in your group who actually knows what they are doing or, at least, is brave enough to try. They don’t have to be a pro, but your Agent could also be your trainer or even someone in the gym. Your own S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent may just be a really strong leader and organizer, who believes in their team even more than they believe in themselves. That is what I always loved about Phil Coulson. He saw his people’s potential and always saw the best in them. And, he never gave up on them.

Someone has to call the shots, make suggestions, create a plan and take the lead. The Agent is powerless without their “Fantastic Four” – no team, no Avengers. But, together, you’ll be unstoppable.

Next Steps

shield think tankNow, are you ready to build your team? Don’t just read this blog and exit out your browser with only good intensions to put what you have learned into action. Reaching your goal has to be very intensional.

Create your list of people who you will reach out to and plan to recruit. Hop on your favorite super social media platform, share this blog and start recruiting. If you are missing a person to fill a spot, put out an “ad” describing the position and see what comes in. YOU NEVER KNOW!

Once you have completed recruiting, design a plan to all connect each week. Whether you use Zoom video conferencing or you create a private facebook group, you have to all come together regularly for the best results.

Lastly, comment below and let me know if you are going to commit to my “Pfantastic Pfive” plan. 😉

Remember, there is power in public commitments. Don’t do this quietly. No superhero did anything quietly. No! EVERYONE knows when they come in on the scene!!



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