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Enslaved By Food? Freedom IS Possible

CHOCOLATEOne of the biggest things that sabotages success is following the desire for temporary pleasure. We want instant gratification and one thing that gives us that is food.

Tasting our favorite treat is a craving that is hard to resist. However, most of us crave a fit healthy body too. Which one of those cravings will we let win?

Of course, being healthy and fit doesn’t mean you can’t have chocolate or pizza. However, we must be very careful about how much of that stuff we allow in our daily routine.

Treats need to be just that; a treat, something you have occasionally. Once a treat becomes a daily thing it becomes a habit. Bad habits are what sabotage us. Overeating can be a habit, eating whatever you want can be a habit, eating out of convenience can be a habit, drinking a certain beverage can be a habit. Bad habits have to be replaced with good habits.

I was talking to someone just the other day about the “freedom” to eat whatever you want. Some people may feel like “life is too short, so have a donut”, but I feel like life is too short to continue to hate how you look and feel. The interesting thing about exercising your “freedom” to eat whatever you want is that it ends in bondage – bondage to an out of shape body, bondage to insecurity, bondage to poor health, bondage to limitations due to poor health, bondage to weight gain – bondage is the end result to allowing yourself to do whatever you want.

Enjoying food without restraint or exercising limitations can become very harmful. It’s just too easy to become enslaved to food (and its cravings and temporary satisfaction) and eventually enslaved to your body. We can literally get addicted to the temporary satisfaction it gives us. When freedoms are exercised in excess or without restraint, they lead to bondage. Yet, when we practice discipline and live within healthy boundaries, that’s when we experience amazing freedom.

I encourage you to learn to say “NO” (to unhealthy foods) more often and say “YES” to your health and to new self-confidence, to more energy, to strength, to skinny jeans, to the ability to do things you couldn’t do if you are overweight. It’s your choice to choose temporary satisfaction or long-term satisfaction.

I may enjoy a huge bowl of pasta but I only enjoy it while it’s in my mouth so I limit how often I eat it. However, diet and exercise helps me feel good all day long so I try to do that as much as I can. I choose to feel good all day – not just for a moment. How about you?

Questions to help you make the right choice?

1. Can I “afford” this _________? (calories in vs calories out)

2. Will I regret it after I eat it?

3. Will this set me back? (ie: goals)

4. Will it be worth the calories? If you REALLY love it and you don’t do it often, the answer may be YES!

5. How long will it take for me to erase this? TIP: 1 mile normally burns about 100 calories.

6. When is the last time I ‘cheated”. If it has been a while, then you probably can go for it!

7. How will I feel later if I say “No” (normally, we’ll feel pretty darn proud – and fit!)

 “There is great freedom in saying ‘No!’.”

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


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