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MERRY FITNESS: Christmas Gift List for Fitness Enthusiasts

PFIT Ppfit pfindsFINDS: Christmas Gift Ideas

As a blogger, I get an opportunity to try all kinds of fun fitness gear, accessories, devices and products. Every year I use my findings and share gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast (from my favorite products I’ve either found on my own or done a product review for). As I continue to discover new products, I will be adding to THIS page all through November and December. So, bookmark this page because it will be growing leading up to Christmas Day.
Look for this Pfit Pfinds logo in blogs for more Christmas Gift Ideas. 🙂

Christmas Gift List 

#1 Fivesse Home-Gym-Home Bag

This stylish gym bag has 10 compartments, and is the prettiest gym bag I’ve ever seen!
CLICK HERE to get more details about this particular bag, as well as tips to finding the right gym bag for you – and it also tells you how you can enter to win a 50% OFF coupon. Visit for more.

Fivesse Gym Bag



#2 Armpocket

The Armpocket specializes in very functional and diverse armbands for phones and music devices to be used with or without cases. I love this because I have dropped my iphone (busting my glass TWICE!) from taking my phone out of its case to put in my old arm band. With my new case (pictured below), I don’t have to take my case off so it stays protected at all times.

You decide how much room you need and what kind of storage you prefer, then you pick the Armpocket that fits your desired specifications. Choose a simple sleek version or choose an Armpocket that offers several storage compartments for your phone, ID, money and keys. One style even has flashing lights built in for nighttime runs. Each style is water resistant and machine washable. They also make it easy to find what you need because each style has detailed specs for a perfect fit for your device – and they even have them for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.


#3 Ensƍ Roller

Whatever your need it for; be it for warming up for a work out or recovering from one, the ensƍ can help with its unique arrangement of varying diameters of discs. Customizing intensity of massage and areas of support hasn’t been possible—until now. The eight independent discs feature customizable positioning—with the ability to be removed altogether—so the roller can conform and support to meet the demands of any body types or needs. I gave one to my dad for his birthday and he loves it (and my mom loves it more because he no longer has to rely on her hands to workout his kinks! CLICK HERE to learn more.

enso roller

#4 Designer Workout Apparel

TLF Apparel (Train Like a Freak Apparel) has some really nice and unique workout gear that is a step above most lines – from their perfect cuts to blinged-out logos, adding a touch of class to each piece. The Infinity Legion jacket is my winter pick from this company. I loved it online, and even loved it more in person. It’s comfortable, it has long sleeves that zip open and closed, pockets (where I could tote my phone), a high neck to warm the neck (which I needed really bad when I was in D.C. during a cold snap) – plus a killer cut that is super flattering. This jacket will match everything and is one sharp fitness accessory. (I’ll be sharing more on this jacket coming soon!)

TLF Infinity Legion Jacket

#5 Custom Reebok Nanos

This is the 2nd year in the row that this gift idea has made my list. What a cool gift – to custom design a shoe in custom colors, and even custom embroidery! This is the shoe I customized for myself last Christmas. CLICK HERE to read my blog I wrote last season about customizing Reeboks.

grey and pink nano 2.0




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