The Incredible Flexible Washable Reebok Skyscape

reebok skyscapeReebok Skyscape

Reebok did it again! They came out with the cutest, lightest (5 OUNCE!) , seamless, super comfy and totally machine washable (DID YOU HEAR ME???? I SAAAID MACHINE WASHABLE!!! how COOL is THAT?!)┬átennis shoe, perfect for daily wear! It’s call the Reebok Skyscape.

Sometimes you just want a cute minimal shoe that is cozy but doesn’t look like an athletic shoe for those days you want to be comfy but you don’t want to look like you are going for a run. If this is YOU, then you might want to try out this cool new pair of kicks.

The material is wild! It’s smooth, soft and stretchy material makes this shoe like nothing else I’ve ever put on my foot. Plus, it has a pillowy tongue with extra cushion so tight laces don’t cut off circulation or irritate the top of your foot. Basically, comfy was their focus and they nailed it. I wore it to work yesterday, knowing I was going to have to stand on my feet for several hours straight, and they didn’t let me down.

Check ‘em out!



Next on my list are the purple ones! So stinkin’ cute! I’ll be sure to instagram & tweet out more pics, with the hashtag #livewithfire!

reebok skyscape



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  1. Pam O'Donnell

    Where did you get the laces for them? Love those with the pink!

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      I can’t remember if they were a gift (I think so!) but I also got some just like them at Target and Shoe Carnival. They are easy to find online too! I have them in 3 of my shoes!!

  2. PNWRunner

    Washable shoes? Say whatt???? Great idea though!

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      Yup! They are totally washable – most shoes you can’t do that to or it breaks down the shoe and support!

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