Are You Making a Better You?

Procrastination-is-opportunitys-assassinMany people are big-time procrastinators. We wait until the very last minute to do a project, pay a bill, book a hotel room, fill up with gas, schedule a check up, turn in tax returns…the list goes on. If we didn’t risk running out of gas, getting our electric turned off or having to pay extra fees, we may never get around to any of it – and fitness is no different.

We put off taking care of ourselves simply because we think we can get away with it. No one is going to send us a late fee and Obama isn’t going to increase our taxes because we didn’t drop 20lbs. While there is a penalty to unhealthy living (weight gain, muscle weakness, poor health and low self-esteem), apparently the penalty is not quite harsh enough to get us to move faster.

do what you need to doI want to challenge you today to think about what you do today and how it affects your future. You may not think it matters much, or maybe you just plan on starting tomorrow, but tomorrow will come – and what you do today affects your tomorrow whether you realize it or not.

What you eat today will greatly determine how you feel tomorrow. What you say today can set you up for success, or failure, tomorrow. What exercise you do today can make you healthier and stronger for tomorrow. How you invest your money today, can change how you live tomorrow. And if you do what you need to do today, over and over and over again, you have made big strides. Your many small improvements turn into one big success.

Are you making a better you today?


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