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Fitness Motivation: Remember How Hard It Was To Start

starting over is harderIf you can’t seem to motivate yourself to get to the gym, or do what you know you need to be doing, then think of this: Starting over is way harder than just sticking with it.

We all get tempted to skip workouts, to cheat on our diet and to get lazy – especially in the summer, when families are vacationing and rules are lax. Giving in and giving up is easy. Showing up when you don’t feel like it is always tough – but starting BACK up after you’ve taken a break (or quit for a while) is even harder.

We are often embarrassed that we “let ourself go”. Our pride is crushed because we can’t do what we used to do, and we don’t like how we look and feel (which is tough when you are in a gym full of fit people who are constant reminders of how far you would have come if you didn’t stop).

If you think showing up is hard when you actually look and feel good, think of how hard it is to show up when you are working out even though you are still fat, still weak and still lacking energy. Now THAT’s hard!

So, next time you find your being tempted to quit (even if it’s just for a few days, or a few weeks), remember you are making it much harder for you later.


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  • Chris Altamirano

    Seriously! This quote even applies to everything in life, not just working out! Take business for example:

    Working while you aren’t making money is the same thing as working out and showing up ever though you’re still fat.

    The main thing is to just keep believing that what you’re doing is working and that the hard work will pay off.

    Well said! 😀

    – Chris

  • Kat F

    AMEN ! I am at month 9 of maintainance/lost 10 lbs more, and people keep asking me, aren’t you tempted to cheat?? NO. I get bacon a couple times a week, beer if I walk every day, which I do every day possible unless it’s ice or lightning…and even then there’s the mall I am less than half my size, I love wearing tight skinny jeans, I love walking my dogs, I feel SO GRRRRREAT, why would I want to change that??? I’ve been thin and I’ve been huge, trust me, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels ! When I started the end of June of ’11, a 15 min walk was a major work out, now it’s just a warm up ! I wish I could bottle and share my motivation LOL

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