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StrongerRX Shoulder Workout

StrongerRX ShouldersShoulder day is one of my favorite days – and it’s also a day I love to superset – because I get an awesome workout in AND I get it done in very little time! For this workout, I have 6 exercises I do straight-through without rest between exercises (and only a quick rest between rounds) for a total of 4 times through.

1013071_527696983951331_1362219555_nIn honor of my kettlebell swings & push-presses I wore my “It’s all in the HipsStrongerRX tank. (they make cool high-performance CrossFit inspired gear). Exercises, like heavy kettlebell swings, thrusters and push-presses, require using the hips to help drive the weight up over head. Then it’s up to you to control the downward motion (getting a great negative workout) which helps build and strengthen muscles. If you don’t go heavy enough you miss the benefit of these exercises.

After I posted pics of my tank on Instagram & Facebook, and had a lot of people asking where they could get one, I decided to share the info here and name the workout after them too. ❤

Here were my top 3 shirts I liked:

StrongerRX Tank StrongerRX Tank StrongerRX Tank

StrongerRX Shoulder Workout:

StrongerRX Shoulders

StrongerRX Shoulder WorkoutTOOLS: Barbell,  Bodylastics Bands & 10-15lb dumbbells.

12 Push-press (45-65lb)

15 Kettlebell Swing (35lbs)

12 1-Arm Dumbbell Press or Kettlebell Press RIGHT
(light weight: 10-15lbs)

12 1-Arm Dumbbell Press or Kettlebell Press LEFT

15 Lateral Raise w/ 5lb Bodylastics Band

15 Fast Alternating Cable Front Raise w/ 5lb Bodylastics Band
      (when one goes up, the other arm is going down)

15 Rear Delts w/ 7lb Bodylastics Band


Gear Talk

Bodylastics Basic Tension BandsNOTE: You can use a light dumbbell instead of bands – however I really love using the bands for these type of exercises. And, trust me, these bands BLOW all other bands away so if it’s not bodylastics, I’d almost say ditch the band idea altogether because I know it won’t be the same. Bodylastics feel totally different and have much more consistent resistance – and they are much stronger bands. Plus, a beginner set is less than $30 so they are super affordable and travel well. We use these in all our boot camps – and they are high on my list of must-have equipment for the home or gym. 🙂

Here’s an awesome new video on the bands I found. (You’ll see my hubby Steve in the video – and if you get a set of bands, you’ll see Steve on the cover of the instruction book who looks like he’s pooping a fit ball – but that’s another story! haha). Steve and I discovered these bands back in 2005-ish at a bodybuilding show. They were the perfect “pump up” tools for backstage and Steve has been hooked ever since! Now he does live workout shows (online and on Roku) using these bands at where he teaches a kickboxing show, cardio show and a treadmill show. I’ll be sure to write more about all that very soon! 🙂

Bodylastics Basic Tension Set


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