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Vacation is Over! 5 Tips to Get Your Fitness Back - PfitBlog
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Vacation is Over! 5 Tips to Get Your Fitness Back

Hello I feel fatEvery holiday weekend is a hard weekend for dieters and fitness fans. We tend to work out less (or in my case, not at all!) and eat more. Although I didn’t go completely overboard this weekend, I still had little cheats here and there. Sure, cheating occasionally isn’t the end of the world – but it can be, if your “cheating” doesn’t stop with your holiday.

You have to draw a line in the sand – and honestly, you may have to draw a line in the sand every week. I don’t care how often you start over, the key to success is that you keep trying. So, start over as often as you like. That just means you haven’t given up.

After a long weekend off, today is your day to start fresh. No matter what you did or didn’t do. No matter what you ate or drank, that doesn’t have to be repeated today. You can put that behind you, along with the guilt and disappointment. Today is your day to ROCK!

Vacation is Over. 5 Tips to Get Your Fitness Back. 

scale1. Assess the Damage. The scale can be a touchy subject. Many people avoid the scale at all cost. While some people avoid the scale for healthy reasons, there are many people who avoid it simply because they want to avoid facing the truth. Personally, I believe we need to visualize the physical repercussions of healthy eating. Sometimes just “feeling fat” isn’t enough to drive us to buckle down and get a grip on our eating. However, if you weigh yourself after the damage is done (like after a vacation or holiday weekend), it gives you something tangible to embrace. Because this isn’t a fun experience, and it can cause people to get depressed or discouraged, people just don’t do it. BUT, I believe you can take that frustration and turn it into fuel for even more purposeful workouts and dieting. Let that number make you so mad that you ramp up your fitness even more! Otherwise, you are entering the week just feeling fat and yucky. Once you see the damage, and see that number, you can begin to assess how many days it will take to correct your mistakes. (It takes 3500 calories to burn one pound of fat. Most people can lose 2lbs a week if they stick to their diet using the LoseIt app)

Cardio2. Cardio, Cardio and More Cardio. Men tend to leave this one out. Many times, a guy’s idea of starting the week off right is hitting chest – but that’s not going to erase the extra calories consumed like cardio. So, make a pact with yourself men and women, to make cardio a priority and burn as many calories as you can this week.

3. Shrink Your Belly. Many times we feel fat after a holiday just because we’ve overeaten. Huge portions make us feel fatter than we really are. Feel thinner even before you start losing any weight by just keeping your portions small again. (Read my “Full of Fat or Full of Crap?” blog to learn more about how portion size affects you even more than you realize).

4. Drink a lot of water. Flush out all those toxins and clean up your body’s system by increasing your water intake. Increased sodium from eating out, or eating snacks, alone can cause you to feel fatter simply from holding more water. Then add alcohol, sodas, tea or coffee to the mix, and you’ve got one whacked out body. It will take a few days to regulate your water, but with consistent water going through your system, you’ll feel better in no time!

5lbs of fat5. Set Clear Goals. It’s not enough to just show up, workout and eat right today. You need to do this every day for several days until you reach your goal. Whether your goal is just to erase the damage you created over the weekend, or to reach a new goal, you have to have a plan. For instance, if you want to lose 5lbs, you should commit to eating clean for 18 days straight (which is approximately how long it would take to lose 5lbs on a standard 1200-1500 calorie diet for women, or 1500-1800 calorie diet for men). 18 days in not a long commitment people! AND it will be SO worth it! Look how BIG 5lbs of fat really is (this is me holding a replica of 5 pounds of fat!) As you can see, that’s quite a CHUNK!! So never discount how much 5lbs of fat really is!

Make today YOUR day. Make this week, YOUR week. Make this month YOUR month!
Get back YOUR fitness!

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Vacation is Over

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