Fitness Motivation: Never Forget How Hard You Work

sweatThe more intense your workouts, the more protective you are over the calories you eat. Why? Because you are more in tune with what it actually takes to burn off the calories you consume.

If you wear a heart rate monitor, you know how difficult it is to burn a lot of calories in just one workout. And, if you also count calories, you know exactly how easy it is to eat them. So never forget.

Never Forget

work hardNever forget the work. Never forget the way your muscles burn when you are training your hardest. Never forget all the work it takes packing your clothes, preparing your food, and just getting your body to walk through the gym doors. Never forget the progress you’ve already made – no matter how much more progress you require.

Our training, our work, goes far beyond the sweat. It starts way before the workout begins, and it will continue long after the actual workout is done.

Never forget – because when you remember the work, no calorie could ever get in the way of the reward.

Never Forget.

Every Drop of Sweat

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