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Start Reinventing Yourself Today

1970's Lily League When I was a little girl, (yes, that is me!) I have to admit I was the girl wandering around right field, in my own little world, while everyone else was actually playing ball. Right field was where they put the worst fielder on the team in tee ball – and that was me.

My dad used to tease me about being the girl looking down gazing at whatever caught my eye, swishing my feet around in the grass, singing, and daydreaming while everyone else actually played ball. And, if a ball ever did actually come in my direction (which it rarely did not), I would almost never be even remotely ready for it.

Needless to say, I was one of the last kids to get picked in PE too. I had 2 things going against me; I was a girl and I was a skinny, awkward, slightly uncoordinated, silly girl – and I knew it.

tee ballOver time, that got old. I started seeing how the others were performing and I didn’t want to be “that” girl anymore. My dad was always so supportive. I’ll never forget the homemade softball tee he made me so I could practice hitting the ball at home. I loved to hit the ball, and I loved playing with my dad, so it was easy to get me to practice. Thank goodness my dad didn’t give up on me, because I probably would have.

Whether you were the awkward goofy kid like me, or fat kid like Steve was when he was young, we don’t always have to be “that” kid. We can reinvent ourselves any time we want. It took me until my early twenties before I really grasped this enough for it to actually affect my athletic ability, but eventually I got it.

Whatever the case, you don’t have to feel stuck being whoever you are at this moment. We can always get stronger, faster, thinner and smarter. It just takes a little work, but it is so worth it.

Fitness TipsAfter I stepped up my training and practicing, I eventually moved from the low-action right field position to Left Field and 3rd Base. I’m was no longer a useless player that sits the bench. While I don’t get to play much softball these days, I’m stronger, faster, more coordinated and more focused. I’m also more confident to try other activities that I might have previously avoided. I am physically able to have more fun playing whatever sport I want, and I have more fun just playing period.

If you think it’s time to reinvent yourself, whether it’s to simply lose weight or to improve in a sport or task, read my blog today for Detour Bar for 8 Tips to Reinvent Yourself – and Your Body & get today’s matching Motivational Mantra to  remind you that you don’t have to be “picked last” anymore.

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. 🙂

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