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3 Reasons To Increase Fat in Your Diet

Fat freeOver the years, fat became a four-letter word to most dieters and fitness freaks, but people’s fear of fat may be a source of some of the most common complaints for dieters.

Dieters often walk around starving and tired during a low-fat low-calorie diet. Why? Well, it’s my belief that people typically cut out too much fat when dieting. Most people switch to low-fat and fat-free foods, and avoid cooking with fats, just because they think that’s what you are “supposed to do”when trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, when they cut fat, they cut out the benefits of fat.

If dieting is a struggle for you, here are 3 reasons you may want to add fat back into your diet.

Healthy FatsMore Energy
What if you could keep more fuel in the tank? You can! Since fat takes longer to digest, that’s exactly what happens – fat stays in the tank (stomach) longer than other foods, keeping you fueled up and more energetic throughout the day.

Feel Fuller
If you feel hungry after a meal, you probably just didn’t have enough healthy fat in that meal. Since fat takes longer to digest, fat also keeps you feeling full longer too – making dieters much happier.

Eat Less
People who reduce fat, tend to pile on more ingredients in attempt to make up for the flavor lost when cutting fat. They are also more apt to graze more after dinner too. Surprisingly, people who eat meals higher in fat are typically more satisfied after eating a smaller meal, opposed to a big low-fat meal.

Good Fats include olive oil, avocado, oily fish, seeds and nuts. Of course there are MANY more benefits to boosting healthy fats besides these 3 tips, but they sure can help – and we need all the help we can get when dieting!!

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