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Fitness: The 1 Time It Should Be All About You

be a better you

It’s easy to compare yourself with other people. Whether you look down at yourself because you can’t do what someone else does better, OR you look down on someone else for what you do better. Both of those are very very wrong.

In the world of Fitness, we are ALL on the same team. We are all working toward a common goal to get and stay fit. If we do it right, we’ll bring people with us and attract others to a healthier lifestyle. If we do it wrong, we will do the exact opposite and scare people away from whatever you are doing. We are a fitness witness – for good or bad. That’s your choice.

So next time you get tempted to look on someone else’s paper, remember, you aren’t competing with someone else. You are competing against yourself. You are working for YOUR best PR. There will always be someone stronger, faster and more powerful than you. But, last I checked, most of us aren’t athletes trying to land on a professional team to make millions. We are trying to raise families, work hard and live healthy. You are working on the best you possible – and the old unhealthier you is the only person you need to beat. πŸ™‚

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