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If You Want Lolo’s Body, You’ll Have to Do More than RUN!

If it weren’t for PE, I would have never had the opportunity to try many sports. Out of all the sports I tried in school, Track and Field was a favorite. I loved to run. Maybe it was my long lanky giraffe legs, or maybe it was the fact it took no coordination whatsoever. Whatever the case, I would go Forest Gump on the school kids and run as far as my little skinny legs would take me.

Now, as an adult, I marvel at how awesome the Track and Field athletes really are, like Lolo Jones. Her physique are chiseled and strong, but still beautiful and feminine . Of course, as a kid, I wasn’t thinking about what Track and Field could do for my body. I just happened to like it. But, as an adult I almost wish I were back in school so I could be on the high school Track and Field team so I could try to look like Lolo!

More Than Running
When people think of Track and Field, they probably think primarily of running. Although running is a big part of the sport, there is so much more to it than that. That’s why these athletes look so amazing. The power that is needed to sprint, jump and throw objects requires a lot of strength. That’s why these so-called runners have such great shoulders, abs, legs and butt.

They are not just jogging around, they’re putting their entire body into each event. If you want to look like a Track and Field athlete, you have to do a lot more than just go for a daily jog.


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