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Fitness Class Sampler For Beginners: FREE 4-Week Program

Great news! LoseIt! has another fun workout program coming to premium users – PLUS, it includes a detailed meal plan too!  And guess who are your trainers? You guessed it! Steve and I are your LoseIt! coaches for the next month! It all starts August 1st!!

From Living Room to Aerobics Room

scaredLoseIt wants to help you get ready to take the plunge and try new classes, but we all know how scary it can be to take a new class. Sometimes our crippling fear gets in the way of us ever tying something new. So, LoseIt! asked Steve and I to develop beginner introductory workouts to help prepare you for the next workout DVD or class at your gym.

Whether you end up trying a new workout video at home or you decide to brave a class at your gym, these 4 introductory workouts will help you gain the confidence you need to take your fitness to the next level.

4 Workouts, 4 Weeks

The 4 workouts LoseIt asked us to cover are Kickboxing, Pilates, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training and Yoga). We’ve developed short workouts that can be done in around 10 minutes each, in addition to introductory videos that take you through each move and modification slowly so you have a chance to practice before you start the workout.

  • Kickboxing – Fat Loss and Cardio
  • Pilates – Core Strength and Toning
  • HIIT – Fat Loss, Strength and Cardio
  • Yoga – Flexibility, balance, strength and stress relief

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Real and Motivating

To make the whole workout even more motivating, we used REAL people (our very own clients at our gym) who have gotten REAL results with LoseIt’s help! You will see them going through the workout for the first time too – and watch as they learn the moves with you – just like a real class. In addition, while Steve uses a lot of pilates exercises in his workout routines, he had never taken a pilates class so he invited one of our instructors, Tiffany, to take him through a pilates class so you can learn it with him!

Every week, you will get another chance to improve your skills and stamina. By the end of the entire 4 weeks, you’ll be ready to jump in a class and feel strong, confident and more experienced!

4 weeks to fit workout

Access to this program requires Lose It! Premium. 4 Weeks to Fit starts on August 1, 2016. Sign up below!!

Get a FREE month NOW by using my code PFIT at LoseIt!

CLICK HERE to learn More about the 4 Weeks to Fit!

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