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Motivation that Moves You

For the most part, we don’t need more gyms. America doesn’t lack trainers and fitness enthusiasts either. And we especially don’t need more information on diet and exercise, yet here I am typing away.

Although I continue to add to the never-ending fitness online pot, the fact of the matter is I have no new information to add. The good news is most of you aren’t searching for more fitness facts. Most of you only need one thing – just a little motivation to get you through one more workout.

Be Moved to Move
You are likely looking for words that hit home, analogies that help you understand your body better or a fresh twist on an exercise that gets you moving and gives you a little extra oomph in the gym. It’s really less about the information and more about the impact. We want to be impACTed in such a way we are motivated to ACT. You want to be moved to MOVE!

Back to the Basics, “Just Show Up….Again”
Well, I’m here to encourage you. If you ACT, you will be impACTed. You WILL get results – and those results WILL motivate you to keep staying ACTive. We will not get results by sitting. We will not feel better by eating another crappy meal or skipping another workout. Of matter of fact, we’ll feel worse. The more sedentary you are, the longer you put off working out (or increasing intensity), the less motivated you will become. It’s a vicious cycle – and you have the choice to jump on the circle of ACTivity or the downward spiral of regression. Either way, you decide what cycle you want to be in.

They don’t call it ACTivity for nothin’. So get moving!

BCx Express 30-Minute Workout

Here is a simple 6-day workout program. Opt in the whole program and commit to doing it for 4 weeks, or commit to doing something smaller – like one or two of the workouts for each day. Remember, whatever you do, it’s better than nothing!! If you want more than this, join our full BCx Boot Camp program for more intense one-hour workouts.

Time is your trainer. Do each workout for time. That means you will be going as fast as you can to get the best time each time. Compare your times week to week to see your progress and for added accountability. Join the BCx Forum to interact with others and post times – and post times on facebook for even more accountability! You never know who will join you!

Day 1: Lower Body
Bcx Express™ Warm Up
The Bomb
Welcome Package
SSS – Skater/squat/shuffle

Day 2: Upper Body
Bcx Express™ Warm Up
Burnt 1
Burnt 2
Bear Crawl Suicides
Mountain Climber / Burpee Suicides

Day 3: Cardio & Abs
Bcx Express™ Warm Up
The Push
Boot Camp Core

Day 4: Legs & Glutes
Bcx Express™ Warm Up
Dead Legs
Slow Mo
T.L.J. (thrust/lunge/jump)

Day 5: Arms & More 
Bcx Express™ Warm Up
Burnt 3
Burnt 4
Burnt 5

Day 6:  Abs & Cardio
Bcx Express™ Warm Up
The Fire
Boot Camp Core

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