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Feeling are WEAK, yet YOU are STRONG!

We can’t allow our feelings, in the moment, affect the moments to come. We have to base our decision on what we know – and trust me, we all KNOW what we NEED to do today.

When is the last time you skipped a workout or ate something you shouldn’t have and thought “I’m so glad I did that”? I don’t know about you, but that’s NEVER happened to me. My poor decisions in the moment only left me with a bunch of yucky regret.

Quit Talking Yourself Out of It
If you give yourself enough time, you can easily talk yourself into, or out of, doing just about anything. We all have the unique ability to justify our actions. HOWEVER, no matter how good we are at convincing ourselves of doing anything other than taking the steps required to reach our goal, we have to live with the consequences – and they are never as “OK” as we try to make them seem.

Each time we skip a workout or cheat on our diet, we are single-handedly sabotaging our progress – and not just for a 1-hour workout or one day of clean eating. Normally, when we goof, it’s bigger than that and can even take up to a week to correct.

Make Yourself Proud
Don’t allow your body to tell it what IT wants to do. You tell it what YOU want it to do, to BECOME what YOU want to BECOME – so no matter how you feel today, you’ll be PROUD tomorrow.

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