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Are You Taking Baby Steps Toward Your Goal?

When it comes to fitness, most of us do not have any patience for slow results. With that said, how come so many people choose to take baby steps to get to their goal?  Don’t you want to sprint and LEAP your way to success?

Watching a person on a slow path to fitness success is as painful as waiting for Tim Conway’s old -man character to shuffle, inch by inch, across the Carol Burnette’s stage back in the day. Of course, we all got a kick out of watching everyone suffer through his slow-mo pace but there is nothing funny about watching someone shuffle through their weight loss or fitness journey – when I know good and well they can reach their goal a lot faster if they took bigger steps.

Listen, if you have talked yourself into taking the slow and easy path, think again. Although your plan has to be one you can live with, you also have to live with the pace in which you get results. If that pace is too slow for your personality type, you are likely to give up. Maybe, just MAYBE, you need to SUCK IT UP and RAMP THINGS UP so you get to your goal faster.

Honestly, what do you really have to lose? So what – you skip a few party favors, you back off on the burgers, you add a few more 30-minute cardios, you quit eating such big portions, you lay off the booze for a while. REALLY? Is it THAT hard? People do it every single day, so why not you too?

Ask yourself this: Is food really more important than how you look and feel? Is laziness what you want to define you? Don’t let lame excuses and lack of faith in what you can accomplish get in the way from taking that leap of faith in what fitness can do for you.

There is someone JUST like you, with all YOUR excuses, with all YOUR struggles, with YOUR workload, with YOUR past and with YOUR same resources (or lack of) reaching their goal quickly – all because they are taking LEAPS and BOUNDS, not baby steps.

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