META-IGNITE: My Motivation Pill

If only we could take a motivation pill. Well, maybe you can.

When people talk about having a slow metabolism, they are normally talking about overall energy level. They aren’t referring to how fast their hair or nails grow, or how quick they heal. Most people don’t even know their Basal Metabolic Rate (calories we burn at rest). All they know is how tired they are or how they don’t feel like doing much – especially exercise.

Before I go any further, a person who feels they have a slow metabolism may actually have the same BMR as someone that seemingly has a high metabolism. I think the biggest issue is someone with a “slow” metabolism is more likely to drives past the gym on the way home from work and plop down on the couch. But if they DID go to the gym, they would burn as many calories as anyone else their same weight.

So with that in mind, what if you could get a little boost so you were more likely to workout? This is when a thermogenic is helpful.

People often ask me about fat loss supplements. Some people just want to take a pill, but the pill itself isn’t going to transform your body. However, a pill can give you the edge you need to feel like working out – and work out harder than you normally would.

I’m currently taking the GNC’s GenetixHD line. I don’t normally take supplements, aside from protein and creatine – but when I need a boost, I can definitely tell a thermogenic gives me exactly what I need to take my workouts to the next level. Sometimes, it just helps me just to GET to the gym on those days I want to skip my own workout and plop down on the couch.

Here is what thermogenics do for me:

1.) They give me energy. Most thermogenics have a blend of energizing ingredients. Similar to having a really good cup of powerful coffee, sometimes it’s just what I need to get moving. However, a good thermogenic won’t give you short-lived energy like a cup of coffee, but will give you lasting energy that will help you through the entire day.

2.) They help me focus. It’s not that they give me a special ability to focus my mind, but when I’m spending the time, money  and energy on supplements, I am a lot less likely to throw it away by skipping workouts or blowing my diet. It gives me a sense of purpose for each day. Each time I take my supplement, it is a physical reminder that I am working toward a specific goal.

3.) They give me a mental edge. Not only do the energy enhancing ingredients help me to be mentally sharp but, when I take a fitness aid, I mentally feel like I’m getting the support I need. Although supplements do physically help, just knowing I’m doing everything I can to get the best results gives me mental encouragement too.

4.)  They give me results. GenetixHD is riddled with natural ingredients to boost results. For instance, although Green Tea Extract isn’t that powerful by itself, mixed with other key ingredients, scientists say it can boost your metabolic rate by 4% – and that is just the effects of Green Tea. Although 4% may not seem all that high at first glance, if you combine that small improvement with other small improvements from other effective ingredients, along with improved workouts – obviously I will get better results than if I didn’t use them.

If you’ve been dragging your feet lately, or just need to draw a fresh line in the sand for a fresh start, maybe adding a thermogenic to your fitness program is just want the trainer ordered! :)

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  3. Zach

    What if I take it in the morning and work out in the afternoon does that affect my results

  4. Avo Cado

    Good luck ,Great post,y love you!

  5. Malita Jones (@curlsz)

    should you be consistent on the time of day you take it – or just stick to having it 30ish minutes before your workout?

  6. Avo Cado

    Your article is very good, congratulations!!!

  7. Leo Ema

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  8. Celeste

    When is the best time to take meta-ignite?

    1. JT

      In the morning. Especially if you workout, you take it 30 mn before your workout.

      1. Bonnie Pfiester

        thanks for your help!

    2. Bonnie Pfiester

      Sorry I missed your post!!! I take mine in the morning or by lunch – I normally workout after lunch. The only reason I don’t take it in the morning is because I love my coffee and don’t want too much caffeine in the am :)

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