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Spira Runners Review: 1,000 Mile Running Shoes

Running Shoes

If you’re a runner, and you feel like you never really love your shoes as much as those first few weeks after you buy them, you are not alone. As I creeped websites it seemed that was a popular issue (or isShoe!). Whether you are a serious marathon runner or a fun-runner, your shoes are an important investment – your body’s health depends on it.

When I first started running, I had no clue how important shoes were. I slapped on any old tennies and hit the pavement. I jogged, I walked, and I whined my way through my 3 mile morning treck every morning only to face every kind of lower limb pain there was. My hip hurt, my knees hurt, my feet hurt. At first, I thought this was just the sign of getting old, then Steve suggested I get different shoes. I bought a pair of Asics and all my pains were gone.

As you probably know, a good quality running shoe is only good for 300-500 miles. 300 for a heavier person, 500 for a lighter person. So for my weight and mileage, I (theoretically) should be getting new shoes ever 5 months – and that’s if ALL I did was run in them. However, I honestly always felt like my shoes broke down even before that “expiration” date – and when they started breaking down so did my body.

New Spring In My Step

Then, I discovered a new running shoe that I believe will be the answer to many runner’s shoe woes – Spira running shoe. My girlfriend showed up at my house to run with these CUTE shoes on her feet. (Yes, it’s their black and hot pink good looks that caught my eye first). Then she told me of the cool technology behind the shoe: metal springs! I immediately called the store owner to learn more about the shoes – and the more I learned, the more I loved!

Unlike most shoes, Spira Stinger XLT Running Shoe, also available at Sears (bonus!) doesn’t rely on compression foam and gel for cushion, but uses WaveSpring™ technology. Traditional compression in shoes is designed to absorb the impact, but eventually it breaks down and bottoms out. WaveSpring™

never bottoms out. There are 4 key benefits to this technology:

1. No significant breakdown of the shoe’s cushion
2. High energy return
3. Lowers impact forces
4. Adaptable for different types of shoes and activity

 ♫♪♬♫♪♬ “I Would Walk 1,000 Miles” ♫♪♬♫♪♬♪

Spira shoes only lost 3% of their cushion after their extensive 1,000 mile testing. (WOW!) To help compare that to other  brands, most shoes lose 30% of their cushioning in the first 200 miles. (See! It’s NOT in our head – we are really losing some serious cushion!). As you know, more cushion, less impact – and less injuries. 🙂

So I ran in my Spira’s today for the first time and they felt great. They are SUPER light (in case you were wondering if those metal springs were heavy) – and no, I didn’t go faster or bounce higher (don’t laugh, people have asked me this). They probably feel similar to my very first day wearing my Asics (which I’ve always loved by the way), yet Spira says Spiras actually get MORE cushiony as the foam around the spring breaks down because the actual foam absorbs a little of the spring cushion. Just think! A shoe that gets MORE cushiony as you wear it!? Holy Running Batman! This is just

too cool for school.

Although I was already sold on these shoes as soon as I saw the spring and the “guts” of the shoe, to top it off, the winner of the Disney marathon, Brazil’s Freison Costa (pictured above), was sporting Spira’s Stinger Elite SRR 103 (I can TOTALLY See Steve wearing THESE! Oh Snap! (as Kelly Olexa says)

LIVE SPIRA DEMO: Sat, Jan. 14th 9am-12pm
Since I love my new Spiras so much, I invited our local Spira rep to come to Max Fitness this Saturday to show off their shoes, measure foot sizes and do consultations for people who may have foot issues. Come see Audree Lezniewicz, Board Certified, State Licensed Pedorthist Saturday Janauary 14th from 9am – 12:00pm at Longevity Max Fitness (behind Outback on US1 in Vero Beach, FL).

Retail: $130 (Max Fitness members get a discount)

Running is Cheap:
I think this is why so many people get injured running. It’s a cheap fitness program, but the shoes are NOT. If someone is going to run every day they need to protect their bodies at all cost – or change sports.

Testimonial From A Pro:
“I have been a Team Spira Runner since September of 2008, Before September of 2008, I had been training in all other training shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Asics and Reebok, but because of that I kept getting injuries, due to the support of the shoe, not being able to handle the miles a elite marathoner does.  I can tell you and give you my 120% truth, that the shoes Spira makes are durable, and with stand able of any kind of mileage, so since joining Spira and training and racing in their shoes, I have not yet to have a set back injury do to the shoe.”  Bryan R. Morseman, 2:23 Marathoner



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  • kristie Gallagher

    I love these shoes. Not only do they look great, but they feel great too. I’ve had them for a month and love running in them. Usually when I get a new pair of shoes my feet feel numb for my first few runs, but these were so comfortable. They feel great and am excited to see how long they last.

  • Robin Sullivan

    Bought these shoes at a sponsored event at Max Fitness and love them. I was nervous about getting a new pair, given I have a half marathon this weekend, but they felt so good, I thought I would give it a try. I took them out of the box at the park and put them on. I did 11 miles in them! Normally, something you should never do. No blisters, legs felt great, even the next day, where as I usually have very sore legs after mileage that high. Lower calves and ankles were sore, but I was used to a very stiff stability shoe for years, so I had to get used to using those muscles again. Felt so much energy. Maybe they didn’t make me bounce, but I felt like I could! I swear, I never felt this good even sitting still! At my regular pace, I was not tiring at all. So, I know I could have gone faster, but have rehabbed a knee injury twice already in the past year or so, so didn’t want to hurt myself. But, the knees have not hurt at all. Can’t wait to see what they help me do this sunday in Key West. Thanks Bonnie, Max Fitness and the Shoe Lady!

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