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Change your mind to change your life!

I recently heard someone say, “focus on the donut, not the hole” and that statement really impacted me. Don’t get excited – I’m not promoting donuts here! I was just currently in the middle of a very stressful time in my life and found myself completely engrossed with what was going wrong and could hardly could see all that was going so right.

I believe many people have these same set of blinders on when they approach a healthy lifestyle change. All they can see is what they can’t do – not what they actually can do.

As I reflected on the “focusing on the donut” saying, it made me think of how a camera lens focuses on an object. A good lens has the ability to focus on whatever the photographer chooses and completely blur out the rest. We have this same ability. Just because we don’t focus on it doesn’t mean great things are not there.

I strongly believe our success, whether in fitness or in other areas, is greatly determined by our mind first. Evangelist and Author, Joyce Meyer, is constantly reminding people where your mind goes, your body follows – and she is right!

We are unable to go anywhere without the action starting in our mind first. The key is realizing we have complete control of what we decide to set our mind to. We can choose to dwell on negative things, we can choose to focus on stuff that doesn’t matter, or we can start thinking of ways to set our minds to things we actually want out bodies to do.

So, after I realized I had been setting my mind on all the wrong things, I started looking for the reason I was allowing it to happen. First, bad things were constantly in my face which kept reminding me of the added stress in my life, overshadowing everything good. Second, I was choosing to spend all my energy rehashing stuff I had no control over. Third, I allowed the situation to paralyze any progress and quit doing things I actually had control over. Fourth, I was allowing my feelings to skew my reality. Finally, I was doing very little to remind myself of the positive things (the “donut”).

So how do you combat negative thinking? If you are in a negative place right now, you need something to counter balance every negative thought. If your struggle is your weight, every time you put on a pair of tight-fitting jeans you’re going to be reminded of your weight, so you must be prepared to cancel that thought so you don’t get discouraged.

Purposely refocus your mind on your goal, not where you are. Post notes on your mirror, in your car, on your phone, on the refrigerator, and at the office. These notes should be based on the facts – not just “happy thoughts”. They should be simple reminders of what you are thankful for, like your spouse or the roof over your head. Include actions you are taking in order to move in the right direction, as well as a list of the next steps it will take to help you reach your goal. Every note should remind yourself of the overall big picture.

Prepare mind so every time you have the “I am so fat” thought, you have the prepared answer “not for long! I am doing something about it” – and that is the reality. Being reminded of the reality has been my sanity while going through obstacles in life. When I would begin to complain, my husband, Steve, would revert me back to the facts. The fact was, we were doing something about it and we had other great things going for us.

Now, if you aren’t doing something about your situation, it’s time to start doing something about it. Quit thinking about everything you can’t do and make a list of everything you can do – and start acting on it. It truly is that simple!

When it comes to weight loss and getting fit, there are so many things you can do when you put your mind to it. There are very few valid excuses anymore with all the free guidance on the internet. The bottom line is progress rarely happen on accident. Progress is something you work toward and plan for, and that starts with your mindset.

You can’t expect to have a positive life when you have a negative thought-life. Start taking control of your thought-life and start taking control of your life once and for all!

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