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Know Your Body’s Budget

If you can balance your bank account, you can balance your body account. Our weight is the result of caloric checks and balances. It takes a little time, discipline and mathematics, but the reward outweighs the work. In my article at Answers.com today, I share 3 ways to to manage your weight: 1. ) Learn …

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30 Days of Motivation: Put Your Body on a Budget

In the real world, it really doesn’t matter how hard you work, or how much money you make, if you spend it all – or spend even more. What really speaks the most is the balance you carry. This also applies with our body. When it comes to food and calories, most people are constantly …

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FAT: It’s Time to Pay it Off

America is known for spending more than we can afford – and the same goes for our eating. Stored fat is like maxed out credit cards. America eats what they want, whether they can afford it or not. People walk around carrying enormous caloric debt, storing previously borrowed calories on their backside, and there’s no …

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