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What’s Your Next Step?

One Step At A TimeSometimes we can get SO focused on the goal, we get PARALYZED with being overwhelmed. Whether we are thinking about how much further to go or how impossible the journey seems, it doesn’t change what we could do to today by just doing what we can.

Sometimes, our goal isn’t even being thinner, fitter, stronger or faster. For some of us, our goal is just sticking to it, maintaining what we’ve achieved, fighting age and the natural deterioration of life, and staying healthy. They are all goals – and they all require discipline and continual work (step by step) in the right direction. 

We don’t have to know every PLAY-BY-PLAY on every single thing we could or should do to reach our goal. We just need to know what to do TODAY.

The majority of people don’t lack knowledge. They lack discipline because they aren’t even doing what they already know. We all know we should eat fewer calories and move more if we want to lose weight. Sadly, many people are waiting until they know MORE, but we know enough to start. I know which direction I need to walk toward to get closer to the finish line. Are you willing to just do what you know while you figure out the rest? If so, you will succeed! 

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