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Stomach Vacuum What?

stomach-vacuumI was recently asked to do a Fit or Flop articl on Stomach Vacuuming for HealthyWay (a new site by Answers.com). I was like, “Stomach Vacuum What?”. Seriously?

I’d never heard of any stomach vacuum. Of course I took the bait and said “SURE! I’ll do an article on it!” – mostly because I just wanted to figure out what the heck it was.

Here was my assignement:

1. Learn about Stomach Vacuuming and explain how it works.
2. Determine if this is a fad or actually something that works and is here to stay.

I dove in, did my research, laughed a little along the way and have my final answer. CLICK HERE to read the article on this mysterious fad trending right now.

Ab Exercises

If you actually know what stomach vacuuming is and you’d like to add more ab exercises to your routine, then be sure to visit the article to see my list of top ab exercises, complete with links to video description.

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