30 Days of Motivation #2,  Spiritual Motivation

30 Days of Motivation: Don’t Look Back

regret won't change thingsQuote of the Day: “DON’T REGRET THE PAST. CORRECT THE FUTURE, BY CHANGING THE PRESENT!”

Scripture of the Day: ““Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:18-19

This is a scripture that I clung to a year ago when it would have been SO easy to keep thinking of the past and let the past sabotage my future. Instead, I realized God was doing a new thing! Things were changing. Something was springing forth – and that goes for you too! It’s SO easy to look back and think “Ugh!! I’ve screwed up so bad!” or to think back on past failures and convince yourself you’ll always be a failure. That is a lie. That’s SO yesterday! You can be a success starting today!

Although I enjoyed being freer with my diet over the Holidays, if I want to get leaner, I have to make some adjustments. The first adjustment is my line of focus. I need to quit looking back and thinking about what I should have done or what I shouldn’t have eaten, etc. The next adjustment is my attitude. I need to adjust my attitude off the emotional pity part or regrets and on to my goals and onto a positive attitude filled with success and progress. Lastly, I need to adjust my thinking. I need to stop thinking about all my excuses and begin thinking about all the ways I can reach my goals. I need to take time to meal plan, to schedule workouts and on to productive thinking – instead of things that sabotage progress.

Focus on the Facts

weight lossOne of the best ways to refocus and put our emotions to the side is to focus on the facts. No matter how I feel, here are the encouraging facts:

FACT: I can lose 2lbs a week if I track my calories with LoseIt and stay on my workouts – and don’t cheat. That means, I can correct my body and get back to my ideal body weight in just 4 weeks. Suddenly I’m a little relieved and encouraged.

FACT: After regular exercise, my body will firm up and be energized – even before I lose the first pound. I will also wake up each day more proud and more confident, knowing I am doing the right thing and getting my body under control. This will feel so great!

FACT: Feeling good is SO worth just a few weeks of discipline. And, if you have more to lose, even just a few short months of diet and exercise is worth a complete life change.

FACT: Every week I will be getting fitter and thinner – and feeling better and looking better. I don’t have to wait to reach my goal weight to enjoy my new and improved body – and neither do you. Even if you need to lose 50lbs, don’t you think you’ll look and feel so much better after losing even the first 10?! OF COURSE YOU WILL!

Shake the depression. Shake the pity party. Stop beating yourself up. Look at where you are headed  – because that’s something to really get excited about!

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