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5 Ways Music Can Motivate You More

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A professor specializing in music and exercise once said, “Music is like a legal drug for athletes”. 

headphonesEveryone at our gym (Max Fitness Club) knows I take our music very seriously. I tease, calling myself “DJ Magic Bonnie” on a mission to pump up the tunes – and everyone’s heart rate. Although everyone has different musical tastes, there is a scientific reason behind the music we play in our gym.

Studies upon studies have proven that certain types of music gives gym goers an advantage. The sound level, the beat, the style – it all can make or break your workout.

If you want to PUMP up your workouts, then I suggest you PUMP up the tunes! Here are 5 tips to use music to give you a boost in the gym.

Music Motivational Tips (and my Top 5 Favorite Musical Movie Scenes)

1. Turn the music on. Turn your music on before you even put your tennis shoes on. If you are sluggish, see how you feel as soon as you turn on some good tunes while getting ready. Watch your mood change. If you can change your mood, you can change your mind. Follow DJ Special Ed on Facebook to stream or download his custom club mixes.

Best Home Stereo Scene:


2. Crank up the drive. Crank up high-energy music while you are driving to the gym. By the time you get there, you will be so energized, nothing will stop you from having a great workout! Works every time!

Best Car Stereo Scene:


3. Buy good headphones. If you don’t like the music your gym plays, or you like to run outside, buying a good pair of headphones (like Koss FitClips) is as important as buying a good pair of shoes. Not only will you have great workouts, but headphones say “I’m serious and don’t want to be interrupted”, which will increase your overall intensity.

Best Headphone Scene:


4. Search for fitness music that shows beats per minute. To give you an idea of pace, ACE (American Counsel on Exercise) suggests the following beats per minute based on sport: Walking: 137–139 bpm, Running: approx. 147–169 bpm and Cycling: approx. 135–170 bpm. The higher the beats per minute, the higher intensity – even when weight training.

Best Club Music Dance Scene:


5. Save your tunes for the gym. If you play your workout music outside of exercise, you may lose a little magic. By saving your music for your workouts, the music will stay fresh and exciting – just like your workouts should be. Here is The Sneaker Reports Top 20 Fitness Tracks.

Best Music Mix Scene:


Fit Gear for the New Year 

REVIEW: Koss FitClips for Women

koss headphonesI have REALLY small ears. I know, it’s probably a surprise because nothing else on me is small. For a girl who wears a size 9 shoe and is 5’9″ tall, I NEVER can find headphones to fit me. So, when I got the change to give Koss FitClips a try, I have to admit I wasn’t really hopeful. I knew there was a possibility my stupid ears would reject them. BUT, low and behold, they locked right into my ears and did not budge for my entire workout. I didn’t adjust them once – which is UNHEARD of for me!! These bad boys are made for women, and literally fit my ears like a GLOVE.

Koss’ female designers teamed-up with Gold Medalist Dara Torres to create the world’s first headphones designed specifically for women, by women.

photo copy 3Availability:

Best Buy

FitClips ($29.99*):

– Do not fall out
– Sweat resistant
– Three different sizes of ear cushions included for the perfect fit

FitBuds ($29.99*):

– 33% smaller (than any earbud Koss has ever created)
– Sweat resistant
– Three different sizes of ear cushions included for the perfect fit

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