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One Nasty Habit that Can Destroy You

99 percent of failures

I agree with George Washington Carver. I do believe people who fail often, have a habit of making excuses often. It’s human nature to want to blame something or someone for our failures. Quitters love the word “if”, saying things like “I could lose weight IF I could afford a trainer” or “I could get in better shape IF I wasn’t so busy.” These excuses simply make people feel better about why they didn’t reach their goal.

The fact of the matter is, there is someone busier with less money getting results. So, as good as those excuses sound, it doesn’t mean that reaching your goal is impossible – it’s just going to be a little more challenging.

Instead, make a habit of determination. Make it a habit to do what you need to do whether you want to do it or not. Make a habit of finding solutions, not problems. Before long, you will be out of the habit of using excuses and in the habit of overcoming them.

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