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Say NO to Obesity: Refuse to Biggie Size It

biggie sizeYou may look at this graphic and think “that doesn’t apply to me because I don’t eat fast food”. Sure, it’s fast food restaurants that coined the whole “biggie size” slang we use today, but fast food restaurants aren’t the only people biggie sizing meals. People are piling way too much on their plate at home too.

Even people who eat healthy are often eating TOO MUCH healthy food. That’s why so many people can’t lose weight even though they are trying to make healthy choices. Eating healthy is just one part of being fit. Controlling portions is what will make you LOOK fit. Eating healthy will help you FEEL fit. Of course I’m also assuming you are exercising! Dieting alone can’t make you fit.

If you have been struggling with weight loss, I suggest you count calories for 7 days straight and see if you are biggie sizing your meals. Nine times out of ten, people are eating way more than they think.

Elegant PortionsControl your plate – control your weight.

Need Help? Order a portion control place setting from Elegant Portions. Designed around portion control, this dinner wear will help you reach her goals in style. The Wine Traxx glass, which is perfect for  high-calorie beverages like juice or wine, delicately marks 4oz, 6oz and 8oz servings. The next item is a pretty Snack Traxx glass bowl (pictured right) which is also marked the same way for 4oz, 6oz and 8oz pours (perfect for my yogurt & soups!) Lastly, the Meal Traxx plate also marks ¼-Plate for lean protein, ¼-Plate for starches or whole grains, and ½-Plate for fruits and vegetables. Brilliant – and beautiful!

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  • fingerlickinnutrition

    You basically have to re-learn how to eat or I guess you can say “learn” how to eat in the first place. I prefer to eat much smaller meals now and I know that has helped me keep off the 80 pounds that I lost almost 10 years ago. I now use my experiences to educate and help others……………Healthy Journey!

  • Kat F

    ONE serving is still 2 meals about for me LOL. I still weigh everything on a digital scale and/or measure everything in a measuring cup. I am stressing about eating out this Sunday, and might simply go to the meeting and eat before, the food is sooooo salty there…I need to check out their online menu though so I can make and informed decision. That old PLANNING ahead thing

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