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pFIT TIP: Motivated or Determined?

What gets you in the gym? What gives you the desire to put on your tennis shoes and go for a run on a hot day? What is the driving force behind your workouts and your diet? Is it based on motivation? Or is it based on determination?

Motivation varies. It comes and goes. Determination is constant. You are either determined to reach your goal or not. When you are determined, you no longer rely on feelings, you rely on the knowledge that your work will pay off.

Don’t get me wrong, your goal can motivate you to stay determined, but relying on “feeling motivated” is totally a different thing. Feeling motivated doesn’t last. It can leave as fast as it came. But, if your goal is real and your desire is strong, your goal can motivate you to stay determined enough to keep showing up day after day until you succeed.

Ask yourself: Are you Determined?


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