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The Secret Tell-All Exposes the Truth Behind Your Fitness Goals

There comes a time when words are no longer enough. The words “I love you” are meaningless and the so-called desire to get healthy is nothing more than a lie. It’s the time when words are overshadowed by actions. They are the tell-all of our life – and believe it or not, we are often blind to it.

I was reminded of this yesterday, when Pastor Jim Gallagher of Calvary Chapel Vero Beach challenged the congregation to a little spiritual check-up. He asked a series of questions that, if we answered honestly (quietly to ourselves thank the Lord!), they would show us where we stood spiritually. Let’s just say, if it were a final exam, I would have not passed that class.

Reality Check
Jim’s questions weren’t designed to make us feel guilty or leave us discouraged, they were created to help give us a much-needed reality check – and I think many of us need a similar reality check in life, and they even apply in fitness.

Test Results
Many people avoid going to the doctor because they really don’t want to know how they are. They are afraid the doctor will discover something seriously wrong, like cancer. What’s worse though? Having cancer and pretending you are healthy, or finding out you have cancer so you can treat it?

That’s why a doctor doesn’t just go off your patient history sheet. You know, the one that asks you if you smoke or how often you drink? You can tell him how healthy you are all day long, but he needs solid evidence, so he’ll run a series of tests. Words are simply not enough.

Jim spoke of this type of evidence saying this profound statement, “Until there is a pursuit, there is no real desire.” Ouch. How true is this in every part of life – our love for God, our career, marriage, family, and our health. We say “I want that” but is there a pursuit in progress?

If you are in pursuit of the desires of your heart, what level of a pursuit are you in? Are you moseying along, taking occasional pit-stops, or are you racing to get there like Mario Andretti?

Sure, you may not want to admit that your evidence of your desire is pretty lame, but do you really want to live life saying one thing and doing another? I don’t.

We will ALWAYS have work to do in our lives – both physically and spiritually. But the minute we quit checking ourselves is the minute we quit striving to be our absolute best, and we start settling for much less. We will begin to believe our own lies – that we deserve things we really don’t, that we are working harder than we really are, that we are doing everything right when we really aren’t and that we are “OK” when we could be really messed up.

So You Say
You say you want to lose weight…
You say you want to work on this marriage…
you want to make more time with the family… 
you want a better job…
you want to save money…
you want to serve God…
you want to make a difference…

Good intensions don’t get results.
Let’s start pursuing the desires of our heart like never before!  – B –

If you are brave enough to get a spiritual check up, I encourage you to click on Jim’s podcast below.

Enduring Love

Click HERE to preview Calvary Chapel Vero Beach Resource pages.

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  • gene @boutdrz

    totally fits the mood around here these days. my wife gave a GREAT ‘speech’ to our 15 year old about desire, wanting it, and working for it on our way home from a football camp yesterday. he’s a typical teen. he wants things, but hasn’t quite figured out that saying “I want to make Varsity this year” is not enough…
    what you say is so true. saying that you want something is PART of the journey to getting it, but only part of it. desire without ACTION doesn’t add up to much.

    thanks again for posting this !!!

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      haha, yes, we all have to learn the hard way. Hopefully she’ll learn that hard work pays off!! …and that making things like Varsity, is even sweeter when you work hard for it!

  • Becca

    My grandmother used to always tell me, ‘The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.” It’s a little harsh, but always stuck with me. Thanks for the reality check!

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