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FITNESS: You CAN Afford It!

money where your mouth is

In this economy, many people would say they couldn’t afford to get fit. However, it is likely they can afford more than they think. Most people simply spend too much money on things that make them fat, instead of things to get them fit. As a result, you can easily nickel and dime yourself right …

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A New Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

So you need to lose weight. You aren’t alone. Millions of people are making New Year’s Resolutions right now to lose weight in 2013. However, some people think that making New Year’s Resolutions sets people up for failure. I believe that NOT making New Year’s Resolutions sets people up for even greater failure. Sure, if you …

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Fit or Food: What Do You Want Most?

In Steve’s blog today, he talks about fighting for what you really want. In a scene from the last episode of Once Upon a Time, Captain Hook tells Rumpelstiltskin “If you aren’t willing to fight for what you want, then you deserve what you get”. How TRUE is this?! Joyce Meyer smoked since she was 9 …

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Fitness Motivation: It’s Time to Claim Your Reward

  Most people who aren’t willing to make the sacrifices don’t fully comprehend the reward. It’s not that the reward is not something someone can comprehend, it’s the issue of that person not fully believing and comprehending it can happen to them. It’s time to claim your reward. It’s YOURS to have if you want …

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The Secret Tell-All Exposes the Truth Behind Your Fitness Goals

Check-Up There comes a time when words are no longer enough. The words “I love you” are meaningless and the so-called desire to get healthy is nothing more than a lie. It’s the time when words are overshadowed by actions. They are the tell-all of our life – and believe it or not, we are …

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Staying Fit May Require MORE Than Just Working Out

This week I’ve really been working on BALANCE. This actually requires I do things OUTSIDE of working out that can improve the quality of your life. Doing things that rest your mind and soothe the soul. For those of you who only know the fitness me, you may not know my family history or know …

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How Bad Do You Really Want It?

Have you ever really, REALLY, REAAALLLY thought about what you want? Sure, everyone would say they don’t want to be fat and would love to have a great physique – but do they REALLY WANT IT? Maybe we should change the question. “Do you want to give up your favorite junk food, alcohol and sodas? …

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Are You Letting Life Interfere with Your Fitness?

Honestly, I just can’t believe how fast time flies by. It’s so easy to start the week with such good intensions to hit the gym or diet hard, etc and “life happens”. Well, it’s more like “we LET life interfere”. I put off the things I need the most and make time for the things …

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Do you treat your hair better than your body?

Think about how you treat your body compared to the way you treat your hair. Would you trust your hair to just anyone? No way! Would you consider getting a $10 haircut? I wouldn’t. Ironically, people often treat their hair better than they treat their body. Could you imagine if we had a hair salon …

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