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Food – Keep It Simple Stupid

Managing calories can be pretty overwhelming in the beginning. Looking up calories online, counting calories, looking at grams of protein, etc – it can honestly be pretty taxing ….BUT don’t give up!! Maybe you are making things too difficult. There is an easy way to learn how to manage calories and it’s called keeping it simple.

You’ve probably heard the saying “KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid”, well this DEFinitely applies with diet. The more ingredients you add in a meal, the harder it is to manage. The more you eat out, the harder it is to manage. And the harder it is to manage, the more likely it is you will give up.

Here are a Few Tips to Keeping Your Diet Simple, Stupid! πŸ™‚

1.) Eat whole foods. Choose one meat and 1-2 veggies for basic meals. Flavor with seasonings and herbs instead of fillers and sauces.

2.) Go Packaged. Although whole food is always better than pre-packaged foods, packaged foods leave less room for error. Prepackaged meals should be between 300-400 calories and snacks should be between 100-200 calories. The more comfortable you get with counting calories, the more you can branch off from a packet of oatmeal to cooking up your own whole oats.

3.) Look it up FIRST. Instead of trying to figure out what you ate afterwards, look up your choices before you eat. Whether you go to a restaurant or you are thinking of what to cook, don’t wait to figure it all out afterwards. Our memory isn’t always the best and you may be sorry about the choice you made which can be discouraging.

4.) Don’t guess. Measure and weigh food. Have you ever noticed how the deli staff are so accurate at guessing weight as they slice and weigh your meat or cheese? Yet, if I had to do it – I’d be way off because I don’t have the practice and experience. EVERYONE who doesn’t have experience weighing/measuring food underestimates calories. Believe me – the more you measure food in the beginning, the easier it will be to manage your weight for the rest of your life as that knowledge will stick with you.

5.) Leave room for error. If you want to eat 1400 calories a day, shoot for logging 1200 calories a day. Almost everyone misses something, measures wrong or just plain messes up. Leaver a little margin for error without sabotaging your progress.

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