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The Secret to Nixing Saddlebags

Sure, saddlebags are a great addition to a motorcycle, but not to women’s hips. The annoying pocket of fat is neither attractive nor useful in my opinion – and it’s top on the list when it comes to problem areas. In an attempt to nix the fat, women make a variety of mistakes resulting in a lot of hard work for little reward.

The first mistake women make is attempting to target weight loss in one area with exercise. Women often only train body parts they think need the most help. For instance, women rely on machines, like the inner and outer thigh machine, to get rid of their saddlebags. Unfortunately, target weight loss doesn’t work. Without losing fat, this can actually build the muscles under our saddlebags making them even more pronounced.

Each person stores body fat in different areas. The only way to lose that fat in your problem area is to decrease your percentage of body fat everywhere. Most of the time trouble spots, like love handles or saddlebags, are the last to go – but they WILL go!

Another mistake is trying to work it off without dieting. Countless women work really hard in the gym without getting the first result because they rely on cardio to do all the work. Even if you burn 500 calories in a one-hour aerobic class, you can easily eat 500 calories in 10 minutes – erasing all your hard work.

The most effective way to remove problem areas is to lose weight with diet and exercise, decreasing fat with cardio and increasing muscle tone with weight training. Rarely can someone get ideal results by using only one of those strategies.

Finally, the last mistake women make is not working out intensely enough. If we don’t challenge our muscles, we can’t change the way they look. Muscles need to be challenged in order to get stronger and firmer. In addition, they need to be fed in order to grow. Even if your workouts are intense, if you aren’t getting the protein you need to help your muscles repair, you won’t enjoy the maximum benefit from your training. Don’t worry ladies! Like Kelly Olexa recently addressed in her blog, women need to quit worrying about bulking up – that is a LOT harder to do than you think – and for many, it’s just plain impossible!

If you have a problem area that just doesn’t seem to go away, don’t be discouraged. The secret to nixing saddlebags, belly fat or any other problem area, is reducing all over body fat with cardio and diet while toning the muscle underneath the fat. The end result is a more youthful figure you can be proud of!


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