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30 Days of Motivation: Be a Success Today

I am strong, focused & determined 201530 Days of Motivation: You ARE…

Quote of the Day: I AM STRONG because I haven’t given up. I AM FOCUSED because I can still see my goal. I AM DISCIPLINED because that is what success requires. I AM DETERMINED because that is what I require. I AM MOTIVATED because I believe in the process. I AM A SUCCESS because every day, I am a little better than the last.

Scripture of the Day: “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Learning to think in the present

Why can I say all of these things even if I am just starting fresh this new year? Here’s why you can claim all these things starting today!

I am STRONG: If you are tackling New Year’s Resolutions and continuing to try to improve your health, weight and fitness, that means you are strong because you keep trying and haven’t given up.

I am FOCUSED: If you have set goals, you can stay focused. Focus requires a target. As soon as you set your target up, you are ready to get focused and stay focused!

I am DISCIPLINED: You don’t have to feel like working out or dieting to be disciplined. Discipline is practiced. As long as you are willing to practice discipline, that means you are pretty darn disciplined, because most people don’t even attempt to be disciplined in their fitness at all.

I am DETERMINED: Determination is required for success. You can’t attempt to change your life without the determination to keep showing up and trying. How determined are you to lose weight or get in the shape you desire? That determination will determine just how far you will go. However, if you are reading this, that is already a good indication you are determined because you are making additional investments required for success.

I am MOTIVATED: While I may not FEEL motivated, you are probably plenty motivated to get in the best shape possible. Whether it’s feeling fat, a yucky self-esteem, a competition to lean out for, a race to prepare for, kids to be healthy for or poor health to improve, we all have plenty of things that should motivate us. What is motivating you? All it takes is one thing to keep you motivated.

I am a SUCCESS: Why can I say this even if you haven’t reached your goals? Because you are here today, because you are showing up today, because you are investing in success today – so YES, you are a success today!

Up Close & Personal

Here are my personal goals from last year.

Goals1. Be More Brave: My goal was to step out of my comfort zone and do things I’ve avoided or been scared of for years. So I finally committed to training for a competition. I did it, I reached and surpassed all my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I did it kicking and screaming. There was no part of me that wanted to compete, but I did it and I actually had an extremely good experience and it pushed me outside my box and helped me reach a whole new level of conditioning. As I look back, I realize I need to repeat this goal and continue to get out of my box more and more.

2. Be Better: I also wanted to be a better wife, a better friend, a better family member. I set goals to be more giving with my time, to be more purposeful about spending more time with special people. Am I great at this yet? No! But I’m way better! Again, this will be on this year’s hit list too. We can all continue to improve. I think the most dangerous thing is to become complacent and lazy – in our marriage, in our workouts, in our friendships, etc.

3. Get to Know God Better: Last year I committed to spending more time in the Word and praying more. I wanted to read through the Bible, but I didn’t reach that goal. Am I going to beat myself up? No! This is the perfect example of aiming high and even though I didn’t hit my target, I got closer than I ever would if I didn’t aim high at all. I read more than I ever have read before, and I completed 2 semesters of Discipleship training, which required a ton of bible study and as well as an 8-week in-depth couple’s bible study. The more I get to know Him, the more I trust Him and understand Him. Are God and I BFFs yet? haha! Nah, but boy are we much closer!

Of course these are just 3 goals I had last year, but I wanted to share them because in all reality, this year’s goals are a repeat of last year – and we all should have the same goals each year. Even though we may add to it each year, or tweak it. We should always attempt to maintain what we have improved on, and continue to strive to improve so we don’t get too comfortable and slip back into old habits.

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