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Dare to Believe: 3 Things to Consider Before the New Year

Many people don’t ever reach their greatest potential because they don’t even try. Why don’t they try? Or why do they not try harder? It’s not because they don’t want to be thin and fit, or successful and wealthy, or have a happy marriage, etc – I believe it’s often because they really don’t believe they can change.

One thing you must understand as you prepare to set New Year’s Resolutions is that you will NEVER be able to change your current circumstance unless you change your mind first. You must actually BELIEVE you can change your current circumstance before you can work on changing your circumstance. All those motivational quotes about “believing in yourself” may seem a little cliche, but they have a lot of weight to them. If you don’t believe you can make the changes you desire, you will not attempt to pursue them. And if you do, it will likely be a half effort or a short-lived attempt.

People that struggle believing they can get the body they want, have thoughts that fill their head like “I’ll never look like her”, “I’m not disciplined enough”, “I don’t know what to do”, and “I can’t lose weight”, which stop them before they even begin. It doesn’t take long to start believing these lies, when really you don’t know what your body is capable of if you never put it to the test.

Steve tweeted this statement on twitter recently: “I’ll try” is already an excuse to quit! Think about it. When someone asks you if you can make it to an event and you say “I’ll try”, that is means “I probably won’t make it”, “I can’t commit to it right now”, “don’t count on it” or simply “maybe”. Steve challenged his twitter friends to “Quit trying! Start DOING!!!” That really is what it comes down to. We have quit our halfway attempts and COMMIT to doing what it takes to make things happen.

If you have been “trying” or you’ve been having a hard time believing you can make the changes you need to make, here are a few things to think about.

3 Things to Consider

1.) Look at other people who are headed toward their goal. All the weight loss stories you’ve seen and heard – they happen to real people just like you. I know countless people who said they never dreamed they’d be who they are now. I know people who literally cried through their workouts and cried their first few weeks of attempting to jog. I think part of their tears came from the pain and struggle. However, I think the other source of their tears was the fact they knew this is what they had to do to change their life. That could be you.

2.) Listen to the people who know better than you. Steve would often say, “You may not believe in you, but I believe in you.” Why? It really isn’t because he believes in you, he believes in the science behind what fitness can work in you. His smarts outweighs your doubts. If you can’t believe you could ever make a serious change in your life, then you need to believe in the professionals that KNOW it can happen. Trust them, follow them, and begin to move closer to your goals.

3. ) When you look at other people’s success stories, remember it could have been you. When you hear a success story, ask them when they started. That is the date that you too could have started. And TODAY, someone is starting their transformation and will be a success story. You can join them, or you can watch them. People who succeed are not extraordinary – they are normal people just like you who didn’t just start – they finished what they started.


What helped YOU to start believing you could do this?

Share your experience and own personal tips below!

You NEVER know who’s life it might touch!

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  • imarunner2012

    I often say, nothing happens untill you do somthing. Sometimes that something is just changing your mind.
    I told my self I could be a writier and now I have a blog. The barrier to entry was quite low, but I’d like to think I’ve progressed as a writer over the past two years.
    I told my self I could invent something and start a business, and I did. It’s a struggle every day but I am moving forward every day also.
    Sometimes you have to jump in first and then figure out where you’re going to land.
    There’s a famous corp slogan that I won’t quote!

  • Lisa Traugott

    Hi! I really like your blog – I’ve been following for a little while now. I always enjoy your posts. Like the people you mentioned above, I didn’t think it was possible for me to ever really get the body I wanted…until I stumbled into bodybuilding. I dropped 50 lbs and found a way to balance strength training with potty training my toddler. If I can do it, anyone can. Here’s my story: http://sheslosingit.com/about/

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