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Are Feelings Robbing You of Fitness Success?


How often do we let our feelings get in the way of work? Do we just call in lazy? No. Do we call in hungry? No. Do we call in depressed or stressed? No. We show up – because we want to get paid.

Fitness is the same way. We can’t rely on feeling motivated to get us to the gym, or help us on our run. If you want to get “paid”, you have to show up and do the work – whether you feel like it or not.

You throw the gym bag in the car – tired, depressed, feeling fat, mad, stressed, or whatever other emotional roller coaster you are riding that day – and drive our butt to the gym whether you want to or not. Your body needs it. Your mind needs it. And, chances are, if you aren’t FEELING like going, your mind and body need it even more.

If you have based your workouts, and how you eat, on feelings you are setting yourself up for failure. Our feelings are unreliable. They lie to us, they cheat us, they distort the truth and the rob us of our joy. Feelings pass like the wind, but actions are what is real and lasting.

If you want success, following through can’t be an option – unless you want success to be an option (and I don’t know about you, but I want success to be the ONLY option).

So, next time you think “I don’t feel…”, remember, how you feel has nothing to do what what you do – unless you let it.

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