Training Tips: 3 Reasons to AMRAP

What is AMRAP? 

AMRAP AMRAP was the name of a planet in the Atrig system that was basically a barren and lifeless rock. Ohhh, you weren’t talking about Star Wars? In that case, you must be talking about AMRAP, the type of workout. 🙂 AMRAP, which is a term commonly used in CrossFit, simply means As Many Rounds (Reps) As Possible – and I PROMISE, there is nothing lifeless about this rockin’ workout!

3 Reasons Why AMRAPs Rock

Funny AMRAP#1 Intense: Even a simple easy workout becomes tough when you put a time component on it. Suddenly, you find that once-easy workout is tough as nails and you are just dying for the clock to stop.

#2 Scalable: Another great thing about AMRAPs s that it doesn’t matter what your physical limitation is, an AMRAP workout is tough for everyone because everyone is going their hardest for the same length of time. This makes it an easy way to run partner and group workouts, no matter what everyone’s physical ability is. If someone is weaker or more out of shape, they are just going slower than the fit guys or modifying the movements to scale it down. However, they are ALL working at their maximum effort so everyone leaves feeling challenged and wore out.

AMRAP#3 Challenging: Another great thing about AMRAP is many people don’t ever attempt to go as hard as they can. Old school training was normally done at a leisurely pace, like one weight exercise for 12 reps followed by 1-2 minute rest. Once they were rested, they lifted the weight again. AMRAPS are FAR from leisurely. They are hard, fast, strong and powerful as you can go, taking as little rest as you go. Personally, I believe everyone should incorporate an AMRAP circuit in your workout – even if it’s only once a week. It’s great to push yourself further than you would naturally – and there’s no better way to do that than racing the clock.


Here is an example of an AMRAP workout.

AMRAP 15: 15 Reps of everything, 15 minutes

Tools: 45lb bar & plates or dumbbells.

15 Squat Presses (Thrusters)

15 Mountain Climbers

15 Sit-ups

15 Burpee

1/8-Mile Sprint

Complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes. Take notes where you finished and try to beat it next time!

Trainer’s Tip:

Designer WheyThis is how you should look when you are done (below)- and this is the BEST time to get a protein shake. Hold the fat post workout though – you want your post workout shake to be sugary and packed with protein. For instance, water, honey and Chocolate Designer Whey protein OR orange juice and Vanilla protein. I personally like Designer Whey because it’s low in calories. The glucose from the sugar of the honey or orange juice helps push the protein into the body when they body is the most receptive to absorbing it, which is within 30-40 minutes of your workout. Any other time, you want to add fats and low-glycemic carbs in your shake to slow digestion.


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  • Matthew

    I can apply this to my workout by pushing myself to the limit. I can also try to manage a goal. After today I felt tired. It was harder to get threw them on time

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