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30 Days of Motivation: 5 Ways to Fight Diet Sabotage

sweet taste of victory

When it comes to dieting, I believe we fail because we keep our temptations closer than our goals. We think about what makes us happy NOW, instead of what will make us happy LONG TERM. Since goals can seem far away, or sometimes even unimaginable, it’s easy to reach for things that can make you happy in that very moment – but each time you make a compromise, you push that goal even further away.

We do what we don’t want and we don’t do what we want to do (Romans 7:15). How true is this?! It happens to the best of us. How many times do we think to ourselves “I shouldn’t have eaten that” or “I should have gone to the gym”? How often do we “let” ourselves fail? Why? Because our goal is further than the object of temptation.

5 ways to keep your goal close & avoid diet sabotage:

jawbone up1. Keep your goals visible, in front of you daily. It’s hard to stay focused on things that are far away. Post your goals on the fridge, bathroom, office and car. Wear a reminder around your wrist. My biggest reminder is my Jawbone Up bracelet. It’s set to vibrate to remind me to stay moving if I’m inactive for more than 30 minutes. Funny, it literally just went off while I typed that last sentence. Ha! Guess I’m going to pop up and do some jumping jacks. Be back in a sec……

2. Regularly weigh-in and track your progress where you can see your progress every day – on a calendar, in your LoseIt app or on your desktop.

3. Write personal notes of encouragement and motivation to yourself. Print this mantra out and tape it in the pantry, or put it on the refrigerator. One of my facebook friends, Paula Grieco saves my mantras to her computer and uses them as screen savers! Such a great idea!

4. Don’t just keep your goals close, keep all your temptations out of sight.  I’m always baffled when people say “I just can’t stop eating XYZ”. This is such a simple fix! Stop buying it!

fitness motivation5. Choose a tangible goal, like an article of clothing you want to get back into, or a photo of a body type you would like to shoot for – or a smoking hot pic (like this one) that motivates you. Even if you can’t imagine how it will feel to reach your goal, a tangible object can help you visualize it better so it becomes more and more real the closer you get to your goal.

This year, focus on living for the lasting, not living for the moment. Set your eyes on the sweet taste of victory and remember that it is WAY more enjoyable than the temporary pleasure of tasting food for just a moment.

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  • Michelle

    Wow, just typed a long response about how I feel like such a loser for never achiveing my goal – and somehow managed to delete it. (Probably just as well!)

    Then I thought I should check out the “lose it” website – what a revelation. I have been eating WAY too much! I cant wait to start afresh again tomorrow and see what that brings. Really amazing to see how many calories you are allowed and how many you spend vs. what you THINK you are allowed and spend…

    Thanks for that advice Bonnie.

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