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Get Paid to Workout?

Need motivation? Do you wonder if you’ll EVER get fit and lose that weight? Do you struggle to make good decisions? Do you feel like all you do is sabotage your life? (Love this Glasbergern cartoon!) Well, this blog is for you!

We ALL struggle with food and laziness in some way. We ALL make dumb decisions. We ALL want one thing and often do another. We want to get skinny, yet we keep making ourselves fat. We want to be strong but we continue to sit on the couch. What will it take for us to get off our fat lazy butts?

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Show Me The Money
What if you got paid for exercising? Let’s say I gave you $3,000 every time you ran 3 miles? You wouldn’t miss one day – and before a year was up, you would have made a million dollars!

Haven’t you heard the saying “I feel like a million bucks:? The fact of the matter is working out pays. Every time you workout, you are closer to feeling like a million bucks. Isn’t your life, and how you feel, equally valuable to you?

Photo from: The People's £50 Million Lottery Giveaway

Every time you exercise, and every time you say “no thank you” to crappy food, you are one step closer to feeling the best you’ve ever felt in your life. …and vice versa. Every time you eat crappy and skip your workout you will feel poorer and poorer. With this knowledge, why would ANYONE keep investing in physical poverty instead of investing in a healthy rich life?

Keep Your Eye On the Prize
This year, don’t focus on the task, focus on the reward. Don’t look back, don’t even look at the present – look ahead. Choose to do TODAY what you know will reward you most TOMORROW. Fitness pays BIG!

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