Food Obsession: Is your mind controlling your body?

“We can DO what our mind is set already on OR we can set our mind on the what we want to DO.”

You can’t change your life, until you first change your mind. As Joyce Meyer says, “quit your stinkin’ thinkin’!” Your body follows your thoughts. It’s time to set your mind to what you want your body to follow.

Ironically, dieters spend a lot of time thinking and talking about food. I’ll never forget my mom talking about going to a Weight Watchers meeting. She was shocked at how much time was spend on talking about food and eating. I fully believe we do what we set our mind on. We can either do what we allow our mind to think about, completely letting our flesh take the lead, OR we can set our minds on the things we want to DO.


1. LEAVE REMINDERS – What do you do when you don’t want to forget something? You leave a note. I know you wouldn’t think we’d forget we want to be thin, but it’s easy to lose focus. Leave reminders for yourself to trigger your mind.

2. DON’T OBSESS – It is NOT OK to dream about ice cream and think of all the foods you can’t eat no more than it is to obsess over something you can’t afford. It’s wasted time and energy on something that is “off limits”. If you were married, and had an inappropriate thought about someone else other than your spouse, you would think to yourself “No! Oh my gosh! I can’t think like that”. (or you SHOULD!) There is a natural reaction when we think something we shouldn’t to try to turn that thought off, however, we have let food rule our thoughts any time it wants to. NO MORE! We don’t want to cheat in our hearts on our spouse and we shouldn’t want to cheat in our hearts on our body.

3. RETRAIN YOUR MIND – If a bad thought does cross my mind, I immediately begin to reason to myself – preaching myself back to thinking right. Sometimes we need to weigh the facts and put things back into a healthy perspective. It’s easy to focus on taste and forget how certain foods make us feel or look when we are “in the moment”. Just like the passion of lust, we can lust over many other indulgences – food, material things, people and fame. Although none of which are necessarily wrong – all of them can be if you begin to obsess over them.

You are in control of your thoughts – no one else. You are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for every thought that crosses your mind. Every time you allow it hang out for a while, you are opening the door to more temptation. You must take responsibility for your thought life if you want to take control of your body.

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  • Kelley

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!!! It is definitely something I need to read every day. I am an emotional eater, especially when I am at work and stressed, and that huge candy bowl does NOT help me at all! 🙁 I am working on this and will continue until I win! I will read this every day if I have to!! Thanks again Bonnie! You inspire me! 🙂

  • Bonnie Pfiester

    I love her too. She inspires me so often. I love her analogies and it’s amazing how often they overlap into fitness. Improving our spiritual health and physical health are so close. Glad you liked the blog!!

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