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Is Your Mind Stopping Your Body from Getting Fit?

When I think of what fitness is and how someone gets fit and stays fit, it’s painfully obvious it has little to do with how athletic they are. Fitness has little to do with abilities, coordination, strength or stamina BUT it has EVERYTHING to do with the BRAIN. Success begins in the noggin. You don’t …

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30 Days of Fitness Motivation

Need motivation to help you reach your goals this year? Then follow me! This year, I am committing to give you 30 days of motivation to help start 2013 off right! Motivation comes in different shapes and sizes, so every day I will post a motivational photo, mantra, tip, challenge or quote to help you …

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Action Trumps Motivation

Your body does only what you tell it to do. It doesn’t care if you don’t feel like working out. Your muscles will still work, and fat will still be burned. You don’t have to always like it or look good doing it. Your body will still make serious changes despite your attitude or appearance. …

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