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4 Dangers of Lazy Living?

Want to lose weight? Are you the kind of person who would just do better if someone else would cook for you, or at least just tell you what to eat? You aren’t alone. It’s called being lazy – and we ALL have a lazy bone that wishes dieting could be easier. Are we really going to …

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Fitness Motivation: 10 Quotes to Beat Laziness

French author, Jules Renard, nailed this quote – and while I’m sure he wasn’t talking about working out here, laziness is a plague that truly causes death if it isn’t attended too. It can kill a career, a marriage, your health, and your dreams. While most people would argue they are tired, even if they don’t …

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30 Days of Motivation: Ready, Set, NO-GO!

So, if you’re like me, you’re ready to get the weight off from the holidays, or maybe you need to lose a few pounds you’ve collected over the years. Either way, you’ve probably set some goals and are ready to get started – at least your brain is. My brain says, “I am sick of …

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Tips to Fighting Procrastination & Lazies, my own personal battle

➤➤➤➤➤ MY STORY: FIGHTING THE LAZIES Yesterday I was hard at work on our local BCx Boot Camp schedule, which started about 6:30am. I had every intension of doing my morning run – even to the point I put on my running clothes, only to sit right back down and get back on my computer, check …

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