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Click HERE to learn about our PFAT TO PFIT Intro Program! It is a crash course and introductory training program using the same training format as Tasha and Steve used in Fit To Fat To Fit. It includes a meal plan, workout program, workbook and more!


Get Pfit Handbook – The Original BCx Boot Camp Manual + More!

The Get Pfit ebook is the very same handbook that has helped hundreds of our very own local boot campers lose weight and get in the shape of their life. The handbook, based on truth and simple science, teaches readers how to get the results they want and make the changes they need to make fitness a lifestyle.

Get pFIT Handbook The Handbook Addresses

  • Mental Road Blocks
  • Basic Diet and Nutrition
  • Understanding Calories
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Metabolism
  • Protein, Fat & Carbs
  • How to Burn More Calories
  • And Much More

Get your ebook for $14.99.

I read it cover to cover in one sitting and my life was changed forever.  – Jennifer Venn

Table of Contents: 

  • Introduction: Getting Started
  • Chapter #1: The Basics
  • Chapter #2: The Diet
  • Chapter #3: Tackling Myths & Mistakes
  • Chapter #4:Eating for Fuel
  • Chapter #5: Mind over Matter
  • Chapter #6: Setting Goals
  • Chapter #7: Sabotage
  • Chapter #1: Routines & Resources


Meet Jennifer Venn from Wyoming. She got this book and started our online BCx Boot Camp in her basement all alone…and it changed her life forever!

Jennifer Venn“Now I must say, I feel like I’m a fairly educated and worldly woman. I have been in an academic setting my entire life (since I was 5 years old anyway), I have been obsessed with weight loss reality TV shows since they existed, and I have read magazine article after article on diet and nutrition for weight loss because I knew I deserved more than to be fat and unhealthy my entire life but when my student shared your bootcamp book with me, I read it cover to cover in one sitting and my life was changed forever. 

For whatever reason, I had never connected the dots until your book explained it to me that weight loss was simply a combination of math and science. Calories in, calories out. At that moment I thought “Oh, Jenny! You can SO do math and science! A large reason that I also think your book was transformative for me was that it spoke though metaphors. I’m a designer – metaphors are my life! When you told me that I couldn’t cheat on my marriage and expect it to work so why would I think that could cheat on my diet and make it work a lightbulb when off. And when you said that calories are like money and that I wouldn’t intentionally or repeatedly overdraw my bank account a massive flood light turned on! Those two things were all I needed to hear to change my life forever. 

The next Sunday I signed up for BCX boot camp and logged back into like you suggested (I had it on my phone but never had the determination to use it), and committed to tracking 1200 calories per day as you suggested in your book. Knowing myself, I was certain that it was going to take something drastic and serious to make me change my life forever and truthfully, the the BCX bootcamp scared the crap out of me. That’s why I decided it was exactly what I needed to do. If I could make it though four weeks of this than the rest of my journey may just be cake! I was totally wrong about the cake part but it’s the thought that counts right? So bright and early (6am) the next day (6.27.11) I did my first workout on my iPad in my basement. 

So Bonnie, (and Steve too of course – what would I have done without his stern talking on the bootcamp intros!) – from the deepest, most sincere, most gracious, part of my heart and soul I must say THANK YOU. 

As an educator, I strive to live a life of purpose and I need you to know what a profound impact that you have had on mine. You have not only changed my life forever but also that of those around me. I have had many, many people over the last year tell me that they are inspired by my transformation, determination, and courage or ask me questions on how they can do what I’ve done. I can only hope that though my story they too will be empowered to take on this huge, yet more than doable, challenge and finally get rid of all that extra baggage that has been holding them, their happiness, and their health hostage!”

Jenn Venn

CLICK HERE to read her whole story and see more photos of her journey.


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