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Tasha & Steve on Fit To Fat To Fit

Tasha & Steve on Fit To Fat To Fit

Steve gains as much weight as he can in 4 months in hopes of understanding clients’ struggle to lose weight on Fit To Fat To Fit on A&E.


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  1. Sharyl

    I was inspired by this episode so much but I have a couple of questions. I am hypothyroid and have struggled with my weight for 29 years. Even when working out with a trainer once a week and going on my own for two days as well as watching what I ate I was not successful in weight loss so again I gave up. I now have both shoulders injured and am limited with a low back issue as well. How could this program assist with these issues?

  2. Kat Q

    Absolutely amazing transformation!! I have about 65 lbs to lose to reach my goals weight and it has been a struggle. The attitude and mind tricks so get to me. And to see Tasha lose the weight in 4 month has given me so much hope!! I wish I lived in Florida but until then, I can’t wait to see the info you post!!! Thanks Steve and Bonnie.. and of course Fit to Fat to Fit!!

  3. Va

    Tasha looks great. What was her workout plan for the four months?

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      I’m actually putting together a little package that will include the workbook we gave her (all the education, diet stuff), meal plan and a similar workout program following the same structure and style of her training. Make sure you are subscribed so you get the notification as soon as it’s out! :)

      1. Christine

        I was wondering where I could find this info.

    2. Bonnie Pfiester

      I’m working on that – I’ll have her workout, diet, etc all up ASAP! Stay tuned! :)

      1. Beth Bisaillon

        Bonnie , please let me know what her diet was and her workouts. You say ‘ make sure you are subscribed so you can get the info as soon as it out ‘.where do I subscribe???

        1. Bonnie Pfiester

          You can subscribe at the top right of this blog. I just posted our Pfat to Pfit program which has the 7-day meal plan, workbook and workouts formatted after the program Tasha did. It’s on the homepage of this blog :)

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