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Kick Heel Pain

If you’ve ever stepped out of bed in the morning, only to find you barely could walk across the floor without this crazy sudden heel pain, then you may have Plantar Fasciitis. Typically, as you continue to walk, the pain will let up – but don’t be fooled. This problem will only get worse if …

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HEROES: Fitness After Pain & Injury

Pain or injury may not be an option, but recovery is.  I was talking with a member of our gym who was having some health issues last week. She was extremely discouraged about what she believed to be the inability to workout due to her latest ailment. I could see despair in her eyes. In this …

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A Simple Fix for Knee Pain

There’s nothing like a little knee pain to make you feel old and out of shape. Ironically, it is normally when you are trying to get in shape that you discover these little annoyances. When I started jogging a few years ago, it was a shock to my system. I quickly discovered my body much …

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Train Hurt or Go Home! (or should you?)

No matter how careful you are in the gym, sooner or later you will be faced with some sort of achy extremity or throbbing appendage.  What you learn next could redefine how you train during injuries. I got caught in an arm bar last Monday night at the Forge, where I am learning MMA. Yes, …

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5 Simple Pain Prevention Tips

Pain is a very powerful thing. It can change your attitude, bank account, happiness, focus and entire lifestyle. Although you may not be able to completely control the actual pain itself, you can often control what causes it. Poor posture is responsible for a large majority of neck and back problems. People hunch over the …

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