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20 Healthy Ways to Celebrate

Steve Pfiester's Birthday
Birthdays and holidays are always hard when you are on a diet. But, if you really think about it, people don’t need a cake. They just want the day to feel special and have a little fun. 

As an example, one of Steve’s birthday was when he was dieting so our staff gave Steve a “Birthday Chicken” for his birthday, complete with candles, “birthday boy” decorations and a chicken dance at the gym.

This was a great reminder that celebrations don’t always need to revolve around self-sabotaging events and unhealthy foods. Going out to Cheesecake Factory or buying a cake is the easy way to celebrate. Let’s not be lazy. Being creative may take work but there are TONS of healthy ways to celebrate and have a day that feels special and is fun – without the guilt!

20 Healthy Celebration Ideas

The holidays are packed with celebration opportunities but they don’t have to centered around high-calorie meals. Trade going out to dinner, birthday cakes and traditional “partying” for something different this year.

  1. Group mani-pedi party
  2. Spend the money you would spend on dinner on something to support your goals – new jeans or a workout outfit
  3. Have a Healthy Recipe Swap Party – have everyone bring their healthiest dish and recipe
  4. Go bowling
  5. CAA4BEBB-D23D-41D4-88C9-F07E071FDF64Do mini-Golf or Top Golf/Big Shots driving range
  6. Enjoy a trip to the zoo with the family
  7. Have a picnic or cookout at the park
  8. Do a group workout or run with your besties
  9. Go to a trampoline park or rock climbing gym
  10. Do Paintball Wars
  11. Go to a Go-Cart track
  12. Mark something off your bucket list
  13. Explore, hike, site-see! Get outside!
  14. Throw a Go Green Party – you provide the meat and everyone else brings a green veggie dish
  15. DYI party – make a craft or make something with friends (great for thanksgiving – look at Pinterest)
  16. Invite friends over to have a paint party or help you do a project you have been putting off as their gift to you
  17. Invest in inexpensive fun outdoor games like cornhole, frisbee, badmitten, horseshoes, etc for the family or friends to all play
  18. Schedule an event at a specialty painting school, bead shop or pottery place
  19. Do a themed party like a Luau, 70’s disco theme, etc and focus more on costume than the food
  20. Schedule a photo shoot with your spouse, BFFs, family or just yourself! (that will keep you dieting!) This is great for the Holidays too!
There are so many ways to make a day seem special. Plan ahead, be creative and take lots of pictures so the special day lasts and lasts!

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.

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