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Is Your Weight Holding You Back from Being Your Best?

People who lose weight lose more than the extra body fat. They lose a lot of extra baggage. With every pound shed, they lose insecurities, fatigue, pain, irritability and mood swings. I never fully understood just how much excess weight really weighs someone down until I experienced it firsthand with Steve.

fat and lazy

Steve became a different person when he gained weight for the A&E reality show, Fit To Fat To Fit. He was constantly complaining, always fatigued and had no energy to do normal daily activities I was accustomed to. Fun stuff became a chore. Even something as simple as tying his shoes seemed more like an olympic event, leaving him breathless, sweaty and irritable.

That’s when I really began to understand how his weight was holding him back. More than just his health, Steve’s weight was keeping him from being the husband he wanted to be, the trainer he needed to be and the person God called him to be.

I knew Steve loved me, but he had a hard time demonstrating his love to me because of his weight.

Steve and Bonnie Pfiester

I’m happy to say that he is no longer that person and he is back to his fit energetic self. While it was tough for us both, it really helped us understand how people’s weight affects more than their waistline. I knew Steve loved me, but he had a hard time demonstrating his love to me because of his weight.

Whether Steve preferred to stay home because he was ashamed of the way he looked, or because he was just too tired, his weight changed how he lived life. He lived on the couch and had zero drive to be productive. Even though he was the one out of shape and miserable, we both suffered.

Is Your Weight Holding You Back?

I encourage you to think about how your weight could be weighing you down in other ways beyond the scale.

  • Are you able to be the man or woman God called you to be with the extra baggage?
  • Can you be your best if you don’t feel your best?
  • Are you putting your future at risk by allowing your weight to hold you back from your fullest potential?

Being overweight isn’t just about they way you look, it is about so much more. Decide this year to be the best you you can be, including the best weight you can be too.

Scripture of the Day:

Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? 1 Corinthians 6:19

Mantra of the Day:

Weight Loss: It’s not just about how much you have to lose. It’s about what you have to gain. – Bonnie Pfiester

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