DAY 4: Commit to Being the Boss of Your Tongue

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If you are on a diet, chances are, you need more than diet tips. You need to gain control over one of the strongest muscles in your body – your tongue. If you really look at food for what it is, it’s powerless. We can chop it up, blend it, cook it, freeze it. Food does nothing for us (or to us) unless we do something with it. French fries can’t jump in our bellies without our consent. If we can gain control over food, we can gain control of our weight.

How can we allow food to have that much power over us? Key word here – “allow“. Isn’t it crazy how we allow the taste of something to completely change our body’s shape and health?

Can You Take Control?

It’s not that food is bad. Even that having a bad meal every now is not all that unhealthy. However, letting food have control of us is what is so bad for us.

Weight loss is possible but we have to gain control over food and our unhealthy relationship with it. It is vital we recognize when we are eating for comfort or entertainment. Without even a thought, we often run to food when we are sad, mad, happy or just plain bored.  We allow the temporary pleasure trump the lasting consequences of what it does to our body, health and self esteem.

You are not alone. I too struggle with the power of the food calling me from the pantry at night while I sit on the couch. I’m not going to die without a snack, but I’ve taught myself to snack every night since I was a kid. Why do I feel the need to have some kind of hand-to-mouth action after I just ate dinner? I’m not hungry. It’s just a habit – a dirty little unhealthy habit that continues to give food more power than it deserves.

Are You Addicted?

“You know you’re addicted to something as soon as you try to take it away.”

Not all addictions are chemical. Addictions are formed by stress, people, habits or emotions, just to name a few. People can be addicted to food, spending, attention, people, power and even experiences. Interestingly enough, none of those things are necessarily bad in moderation until it starts controlling you. Like I heard someone say, “you know you’re addicted to something as soon as you try to take it away.” That really struck me. If you panic, make excuses, try to figure out a way to keep it in your life, etc – it’s likely you have formed some type of addiction to it.

It really is crazy that anything could have that much power over our lives – and it will continue to have that much power over our life if we let it. We have to make a change, but it will never happen on its on.

How to Kill a Bad Habit

the best way to kill something is quit feeding it

Joyce Meyer

We have to start starving what our flesh wants. Joyce Meyer says “the best way to kill something is to quit feeding it“. If you want to kill a bad habit, you have to quit feeding it. Think about it. If you stopping a meth addict, you don’t just cut back a little or start doing it in moderation. You don’t just have a little bit of crack a day, or just one drink a day. No. If you have a bad habit, you stop it. You detox completely.

Action Steps: Retraining your body and mind

If you are on a path for major weight loss and making some real changes in your diet, you must set clear boundaries on snacks, chocolate cravings, nightly wine or whatever your hang up is. Share your “rules” with family and friends. You must get this under control. Otherwise, that silly little powerless food or beverage will continue to be the boss of you for the rest of your life.

Regain power in your life. Take authority over your health. Tell it “NO MORE! Not this year!! The year food submits to ME!” Who’s with me?!

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Scripture of the Day:

All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything. 1 Corinthians 6:12

Many people are enslaved to food. We look at food like “we have the right to eat whatever we want. What scripture is saying is you “have the right to do anything, but not everything is beneficial” you “have a right to do anything, but do not be mastered/controlled by anything”. Sure, you have the right to eat a cookie, but does that cookie control you?

Mantra of the Day:

I will not let food rule my life or get in the way of my goals. This year, I’m the boss – not my tongue.

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